Arne Jacobsen and SAS Royal Hotel 2024-07-04



July 4, 2024


16.00 – 18.00


DKK 195.00
Adult (DAC Club)
DKK 175.00
Join this tour and learn all about the legendary Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. The tour ends with a visit to room 606 in the former SAS Royal Hotel

Keys, cutlery, fixtures, door handles, lamps, sofa fabrics, curtain rods, chairs, and, of course, the building itself – everything at the SAS Royal Hotel was designed by Arne Jacobsen. His work is an example of Total Design and Gesamtkunstwerk. Join us on this visit to Denmark's first design hotel, which opened in 1960. Room 606 is preserved with the original interior. 

Arne Jacobsen was a loner. A radical designer and a multi-talent, who was inspired by global trends that many had not yet noticed in the 1920s; trends which are still considered modern today. 

The Danish Architecture Centre gives you an opportunity to take a closer look at the time and work of Arne Jacobsen. Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with the SAS Royal Hotel (currently named Radisson Collection Royal Hotel), we invite you into the world of Arne Jacobsen. 

The tour is divided into two parts: First, we meet at DAC, where we will introduce you to the work and time of Arne Jacobsen. After that, we will walk together to the hotel (1.5 km). When we arrive at the hotel, you will get an understanding of a time when the hotel served as the first stop on the flight out of Denmark to the vast world awaiting. In the 1960s, flying was still only reserved for the few. You will also learn about the construction and decoration of Denmark's first design hotel: a hotel where elegance and the jetset lifestyle united in an airplane terminal with orchids, eggs and swans. 

Practical info: 

  • The walking distance of the tour is about 1.5 km. We walk from DAC to the Royal Hotel in Hammerichsgade 
  • The tour begins at the Danish Architecture Center and ends when we have visited Room 606 at the Radisson Collection Royal Hotel 
  • The tour ticket includes free access to DAC on the day of the tour. 
  • We are open every day from 10 AM – 18PM , and Thursdays to 21.
  • Photos taken during the visit to Room 606, are for private use only.
  • The tour is designed to be accessible for all guests.

Foto: Paul Warchol