Family Workshop: A Room of My Own

kids and family


Daily from June 25 – August 7


11.00 – 16.00

Come visit the family workshop at DAC’s Educatorium, and explore the world of architecture. Here you can design your own room and build popsicle stick architecture – and the young ones can play with architecture in Educatorium’s fun dollhouse.

Visit the family workshop at Educatorium, where DAC’s educators will help you get started on fun activities inspired by our current exhibition.

A Room of One’s Own (ages 7 to 13)

If you could choose, what would your bedroom look like?

You can sleep under the table if you like, and you can place the furniture anywhere you want.

Use your imagination and creativity, and design the perfect room for you!

This activity is based on a folded paper model of a room, and DAC’s teachers will show you cutting techniques to give your model a 3D effect, so it’s ready to take home as inspiration for your decorating.

Build popsicle stick architecture! (ages 4 to 10)

Play architect with a glue gun and popsicle sticks, and create eye-catching structures of all kinds, from cozy caves to fairytale castles. You can also find inspiration for your popsicle stick creations in our “Women in Architecture” exhibition.

Decorating the dollhouse (ages 0 to 4)

Explore the doll house, play with the architecture, and decorate an amazing dream house.

Photo: Hanne Fuglbjerg