Family workshop: Build with bricks and shells

Kids and family


April 1 – 10, 2023


11.00 – 17.00
How does seashells sound when crushed? And can a stone really feel soft? Visit DAC’s Educatorium during Easter and experiment with the building blocks of the future! Build a relief of seashells, play with mini bricks, or try moulding your own tile!

Come join us in the family workshop where DAC’s hosts will help you get started on creative activities inspired by the exhibition ‘Our Architecture’.

Mould your own tile

Have you ever wondered how the tiles we step on everyday are made? At DAC you can experience the process when we mould our own mini tiles made of concrete. Hang the tile on the wall or on a spring branch at home.

During the activity the DAC host will teach you how to make your own concrete blend and how to mould it in a form which you can transport home. After it has dried at home, you can enjoy the beautiful and surprising result!

If you’re under 7 years, we recommend making the tile with a grown-up.

Create your own shell relief

Roll up your sleeves, crush seashells and create your own image! Experience how the materials change during the process and gain new knowledge on how we can use them in other contexts.

Build and play with mini bricks

Play with the same materials as the architects! And build the most fanciful buildings of bricks in mini size.