Make Christmas stars and print Christmas cards

Kids and family


Every Saturday and Sunday


11.00 – 16.00


Free (after admission fee)

Create cozy Christmas magic with the whole family at DAC’s Educatorium. Together, you can make Christmas cards with prints of the city’s spruce and hawthorn, fold Christmas stars from colorful exhibition posters, and roll seed bombs, beautifully wrapped in your own design.

Visit the workshop in our Educatorium, where DAC’s hosts will help you get started with creative activities. You can learn more about the green plants in Copenhagen’s cemeteries as we explore evergreens and create beautiful blueprints. The print can be turned into a lovely picture, which can be used as a Christmas card or as a gift for someone special.

During the activity, DAC’s hosts will guide you through the technique of cyanotype. It’s the technique we use to magically produce beautiful prints from the enchanting plants in the cemeteries.

Fold Christmas stars and spread green joy. You can also engage in other creative activities that will surely bring Christmas cheer. Together, you can fold Christmas stars from DAC’s colorful exhibition posters and beautifully decorate your home for Christmas.

You can also roll seed bombs, which can be used to spread more flowers around the city. The seed bombs are rolled into small packages that you can decorate for the perfect green Christmas gift for family uncles, aunts, and grandparents – ready to make the city greener and help the city’s bees, butterflies, and insects emerge from winter when spring arrives again.

Participation is free after paying the entrance fee. Children should be accompanied by an adult. The workshop does not require advance registration.