LEGO® Architect for a Day

Kids and family


October 15 – 23, 2022


10.00 – 17.00

Are you Denmark’s next space architect? Come join us as we explore space and build LEGO® architecture for the Moon.

Come inside and build LEGO® moon architecture when Danish Architecture Center and LEGO® invite children and families to LEGO® workshops during fall break in the third week of October.

You’ll have to think in a WHOLE new way. How do you survive in space where there’s no water or oxygen? It will take a lot of imagination and the courage to think big to survive on the Moon.

SO, if you just love LEGO® bricks and want to try building a home that’s fit for the Moon… then come build with us in DAC.

A DAC host will kick off the workshop with great tips for building on the Moon and help with special LEGO® building techniques along the way.