Cecilie Manz: The Needle in the Haystack

Exhibition opening


September 16, 2021


18.30 – 21.00

Come to the premiere of The Needle in the Haystack, an exhibition showcasing the designs of one of Denmark’s most famous designers – Cecilie Manz.

The exhibition will launch Copenhagen’s design event 3daysofdesign, which runs from September 16 to 18.

Be one of the first to explore Cecilie Manz’s design universe, and gain a unique insight into Manz’s work processes, which with their laborious minutiae of contemplations, doubts, templates and quirky prototypes are painstaking and persistently iterative.


  • The exhibition opens, drinks, and opening address by Tanya Lindkvist: 18.30
  • Guidet tours of DAC: 19.00, 19.30, 20.00
  • DAC closes: 21.00

Free admission

Photo: Jeppe Sørensen