Danish Architecture Center

Children & families

DAC is also for kids!

Become a LEGO® architect – Build big!

Are your children also fascinated by huge buildings, bridges, roller coasters and skyscrapers? Bring them to this fall’s LEGO®workshop for kids here at DAC. We’ll build impressive constructions inspired by e.g. the Danish engineer Ove Arup, who was one of the minds behind icons like Sydney Opera House and Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The workshop will be introduced in Danish, but everyone can join the fun.

Robot factory

Would you like to build a fun robot and an obstacle course it can run around in? Then we are ready with all the materials – we only need you and your good ideas.

Practical information

Children have free access to DAC together with adults.

DAC Café has a children friendly menu for 40 DKK. The menu includes ice cream and the classic Danish summer dessert ‘koldskål’.

Take a look at the menu here