Custom Group Tour Packages and Lectures

Let DAC’s expert tour planners create a customized experience for your group – by foot, bicycle, boat, or bus – in any Copenhagen neighborhood around your special interests and focus.

If our standard group tour options don’t meet your needs, we can offer custom tours of any neighborhood in the city. Join our expert guides on walking tours, bicycle tours, and boat tours. They can also hop on your group’s rented bus or explore by Metro.

Our half-day or full-day experiences provide a deeper look into the city around your special interests. In addition, our staff can provide one-hour lectures on Copenhagen’s architecture, urban planning, and public policies. All custom tour packages include entrance to our current exhibitions.

Let DAC host your group for a traditional Danish lunch in our DAC Café or meetings in our conference center rooms.

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Sample 90-minute or 2-hour custom tour

4.000 DKK (includes VAT and entrance to DAC’s current exhibitions)

(Bicycle or bus rental is not included in the group rate, but can be arranged by DAC if needed)

  • Copenhagen Harbor by Bicycle
  • Copenhagen Neighborhood Highlights by Bicycle
  • Nørrebro – one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city and home to BIG’s inclusive and dynamic Superkilen public space
  • Carlsberg – new construction and adaptive reuse of a 19th century brewery complex

Sample half-day custom tour itineraries

8.000 DKK (includes VAT and entrance to DAC’s current exhibitions)

(Bicycle or bus rental is not included in the rate, but can be arranged by DAC if needed)

  • Sustainability: Urban development and policies in Nordhavn, climate adaption, biodiversity and urban renewal. A visit to Sankt Kjelds, the city’s first climate neighborhood.
  • Mobility: The world’s best bicycle infrastructure, metro and bus rapid transit (BRT) in Nørrebro neighborhood. To Ørestad to see infrastructure as an engine for sustainable urban growth.
  • Housing: A little bit of Amsterdam and a little bit of Venice in the new harborfront neighborhood in Sydhavn. A neighborhood protected from demolition and transformed in the Vesterbro neighborhood.

Sample full-day custom tour itineraries

12.000 DKK (includes VAT and entrance to DAC’s current exhibitions)

(Bicycle or bus rental is not included in the rate, but can be arranged by DAC if needed)

  • Inspirational design and architecture in Copenhagen from the Golden Age of Arne Jacobsen to modern day Bjarke Ingels. Join us for a full day tour de force highlighting Danish design.
  • From policies to people. A look at the remarkable transformation of Copenhagen and its harbor – from city near bankruptcy in the early 1990s, to one of the world’s most livable cities today.

Lectures – 1 hour

3.600 DKK (includes VAT and entrance to DAC’s current exhibitions)

Architecture in Denmark

Putting people first

In Denmark, architectural policies on both the local and national levels provide a vision for development focused on putting people first. Buildings that support the welfare state – affordable housing, schools, institutions, public spaces, and town halls – are characterized by a remarkably high standard of design and construction. Learn how Danish buildings represent more than 100 years of democratic ideals focused on a high quality of life for all.

Urban Planning in Denmark

Sustainable cities for people

Copenhagen hasn’t always been ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities. Emerging from near-bankruptcy in the early 1990s, the city has been transformed through sustainable urban planning policies with a focus on cycling infrastructure, urban green space, and cleaning up the inner harbor. In this city home to renowned urban planner Jan Gehl, hear how Copenhagen is continually being transformed to improve the quality of life between buildings.

Strategic Urban Governance in Denmark

Plans and policies for future sustainable growth

Copenhagen has set the ambitious 2025 goal of becoming the first carbon neutral capital in the world. A new climate adaption plan to strengthen the city’s resiliency, as well as new policies that promote green infrastructure, have led to a focus on sustainable urban growth. Learn how these public and private partnerships are developing entire new districts on former industrial landscapes.