Bryghuspladsen 10,
1473, Copenhagen K


Saturday and Sunday 10-18


  • Hoist / ramp / level access to the front door
  • Level access in the building / site (no stairs)
  • Level access to outdoor areas
  • Lift
  • Accessible restroom
  • Locked doors can be opened from the outside in case of emergency
  • Chairs or benches to rest on
  • Possible to eat / drink
  • Disabled parking
  • Teleloop
  • Member of Solsikkesnoren
  • Member of God adgang

Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is, of course, also participating in Open House – and everyone, including those without an Open House ticket, is invited to visit free of charge on the weekend of March 25-26. Come and experience the BLOX building, designed to be like a city in the city with a gym, cafés and apartments on top. DAC Café serves up a daily special so that you can enjoy a well-deserved lunch break with the city’s best view during your Open House weekend.

Located right next to Langebro Bridge and on the banks of Copenhagen Harbor, the green and blue shades of the BLOX building are inspired by the water and by Copenhagen’s green copper roofs and towers. It was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas’s architectural firm OMA.

A city in the city

Danish Architecture Center has been housed in BLOX since the building opened in 2018. From the very start, BLOX was designed to accommodate DAC’s exhibitions, shop and café. At the heart of DAC and BLOX is the large, atrium-like space that is home to DAC’s exhibition forum. From here, you can look up into the building’s co-working facility BLOXHUB and DAC’s offices where the exhibitions are created. DAC also has a smaller exhibition space called the Golden Gallery because of its “gold” floor. You’ll find the best view of Copenhagen at DAC Café, which also has a rooftop terrace facing the harbor.

The wild architect

The architect behind BLOX, Rem Koolhaas, is regarded as one of today’s leading architectural thinkers. Koolhaas authored the book Delirious New York and co-wrote the book S, M, L, XL with designer Bruce Mau. He has also received the prestigious American architecture award, the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Koolhaas has influenced many Danish architects, including Bjarke Ingels, who was an intern with Koolhaas in the 1990s.

Use DAC to take a break during Open House and explore the exhibitions to gain new perspectives on the city and the buildings you can experience.