Photo: Peter M. Madsen

Gallery Stairs


In DAC’s Design Lounge we spotlight architecture on the smallest scale as we explore the history of Danish design. Have a seat in design classics and feel the tides of history as we journey from the masters of Modernism to today’s brightest stars.

Architecture is the shaping of everyday life. From the broadest strokes to the smallest details – from urban planning to buildings and flatware. In Denmark, we have a strong tradition for holistic design of spaces and furniture in context, which has made design an integral part of what we understand by architecture.

Masters of Modernism like Arne Jacobsen and Kaare Klint have taught us that architecture is more than just a well-planned building – architecture is also all the objects that are part of the architectural framework. The two architects’ designs covered the entire spectrum; to them, the chair and the house were two sides of the same coin, and together they could make everyday life both more beautiful and more functional.

That is why the last exhibition you encounter as you explore DAC presents the history of Danish design and its kinship with architecture. With Design Lounge, we take you on a deep dive into Danish history from the golden age of Modernism to today’s latest trends – and we invite you to experience the iconic designs with your own body.