The capital region’s development company

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj

CPH City & Port Development has an important role in the development of the critically acclaimed capital we know today. The company is responsible for developing the Copenhagen Metro, Ørestad, the inner harbor and the new Nordhavn.

The Danish Government and the City of Copenhagen have placed responsibility of developing the capital in the hands of a company that can ensure a long-term, strategic and financially sustainable plan, regardless of changing governments and municipal policies.

CPH City and Port Development is owned by the City of Copenhagen (95%) and the Danish state (5%), and they have transferred almost all publicly owned land to the company. There are many areas within the municipality where there are and have been building opportunities.

CPH City and Port Development finances the city’s major construction projects by selling these areas to different contractors and using any profits to bring down Copenhagen’s enormous debt from establishing the Copenhagen Metro.

This was one of the reasons why the Danish Planning Act was changed in 2015 to require that all new residential construction include at least 25% public housing. The cost of renting or buying a property in Danish cities is very high. There is a political desire to have a mix of dwellings and to ensure that everyone can live in the cities.

CPH City & Port Development has been accused of not listening to what Copenhageners have to say about development of their capital, particularly in connection with “Fælledby” on Amager Fælled and the new artificial peninsular Lynetteholm north of Refshaleøen.