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Harbour Tour Southwards to Sluseholmen



Copenhagen harbour, bicycle politic, master plans and city development


Gemini Residence, Havneholmen, Sluseholmen, Copenhagen harbour baths and others


The Danish Architecture Center  (unless otherwise agreed)


The Danish Architecture Center  (unless otherwise agreed)


1 hour

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1 th of May – 30 th of sept.: Monday – Thursday pr. hour 4.500 DKK. Friday – Sunday pr. hour 4.900 DKK. //
1 th of Oct.—30 th of april : Monday – Thursday pr. hour 3.500 DKK. Friday – Sunday pr. hour 3.900 DKK.


2.000 DKK ekskl. VAT


Throughout the year – weather conditions permitting

The harbour is one of Copenhagen’s most important and exciting urban areas, and on this tour to the southern part of the harbour you will see some of the biggest changes that Copenhagen has undergone. Harbour baths, bike bridges and housing complexes built in close relation to the water are just some of the architecture sights you will explore.

The development taking place in Copenhagen is most evident in the southern parts, so far. We will on the harbour tour be passing by internationally renowned buildings such as Gemini Residence, Lundgaard & Tranberg’s Mediterranean-inspired housing development on Havneholmen, the unmistakably Dutch-inspired Sluseholmen, and the harbour baths at Islands Brygge, which in many ways symbolise the starting signal to the transformation of the harbour area.

The harbour is one of Copenhagen’s significant urban areas, and with its central location in the middle of the city it is an attractive area for citizens and tourists.

But it has not always been like that. For just 25 years ago large, heavily loaded ships sailed to Islands Brygge and south in the harbour. The idea of ​​being able to swim in the harbour was unthinkable. Today it would be unthinkable NOT to be able to swim in the harbour.

The harbour’s recent history is founded on the three aspects of sustainability: social, environmental and economic sustainability. Bridges make it easy to get around by bike and good urban environments and housing makes it attractive for families to stay in the city.

This tour can also be combined with our tour ‘Harbour tour in the northern part of the harbour’. This will make the duration of the tour two hours long.

Gemini Residence

Gemini Residence

Gemini Residence, 2300 København, Denmark



Havneholmen, 1561 København, Denmark



Sluseholmen, 2450 København, Denmark

Copenhagen harbour baths

Copenhagen harbour baths

Islands Brygge 14, 2300 København, Denmark