Rasmus Hjortshøj

It’s like a city within the city. Architecture, design, innovation, food and play all gathered in this architectural masterpiece by Rem Koolhaas – the new meeting place for all of Denmark.

BLOX houses a world of architecture, design and new ideas. It is a city within a city, with spaces for Danish Architecture Center (DAC), innovation hub, a restaurant and café, residences, parking and public areas. All these functions merge and create a dynamic urban experience on a site near Frederiksholm’s Canal that was previously rather deserted.

Entering the building through the underground passage, visitors can now visit its design shop, eat lunch with a first-class view over the harbour or visit exhibitions on display at DAC. As such, BLOX is both a destination and an urban connector on the edge of the waterfront. A new entrance to the city from the inner harbour.

Its name comes from the building’s characteristic shape: a series of blocks asymmetrically stacked on top of each other, scaling down towards the surrounding buildings, while rising near the Lille Langebro bridge at the waterfront. The dispersed blocks allow the building to adapt to its historic surroundings in Copenhagen’s Cultural District, nonetheless, BLOX became a hot topic among the public even before its inauguration. Some have marveled over its boldness, while others remain skeptical about its grand gestures. Either way, BLOX is set to be a gathering point for the public at large, across ages and interests.


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