Moon Travel and Eggcellent Fun – visit DAC at Easter

Hoppity-hop on over to Danish Architecture Center for lots of eggcellent Easter fun. You can design your own Easter egg, move into an egg home, and build egg-shaped LEGO architecture for living on the Moon and Mars.

Activities for families

Family Workshop


Visit our family workshop, where we will be having all kinds of eggcellent fun. The workshop is open for drop-ins every day during the Easter holiday.

Play Architect with LEGO® Bricks

Are you Denmark’s next space architect? Join us on our space exploration and build architecture for astronauts and Martians with LEGO® blocks.

DAC Slide


Do you dare try Copenhagen’s fastest and wildest art installation? Challenge your senses on a 40-meter-long slide that twists and turns down four stories.


A Space Saga

Visit the exhibition, A Space Saga, and learn all about architecture for the Moon. Crawl inside a real Moon habitat, take a dive into the many challenges of Moon life, and test whether you’re ready to live on the Moon.

Living Better Lives

This is the last chance to see DAC’s Living Better Lives exhibition and to explore the 37-square-meter home designed for a family of four.

DAC Café for kids

Hungry? Our café on top of BLOX serves kid-friendly dishes and gives magnificent views of Copenhagen. You will also find toilets with changing tables.

A sloping playground

When visiting DAC, be sure to also pop by the playground outside BLOX. The playground is shaped like a sloping hill with trampolines, slides and a climbing tunnel.