Danish Architecture Center

Ørestad City


City planning, housing, infrastructure, education institutions


The VM Mountain, VM Houses, Bella Sky, Kay Fiskers Plads, Ørestad Gymnasium and many others


Metro Station Bella Center, by the Metro column


Fields Shopping mall


1.5 hours

Max participants



3.000 kr. excl. VAT

Ørestad City is still under development. The Ørestad City Center consists of a mixture of residential and commercial constructions. On this walk in Ørestad City we will explore both the Mountain and VM buildings by BIG and the eye-catching Bella Sky by 3XN.

Ørestad City is the center of Ørestad’s four different areas. The city center has urban qualities such as shopping, housing, education, workplaces, modern infrastructure etc. The walk tells the story of the planning, of the important transport hub in the Øresund Region, as well as the planning of the Metro and the crucial infrastructure.

The street names in Ørestad City is named after renowned architects and shows in this way a high awareness of the architectural expression – and buildings designed by star architects in Ørestad City are also counting quite a few names: The walk begins at the eye-catching construction Bella Sky by 3XN and continues to the award-winning Mountain and VM- houses by BIG.

We make stops at Ørestad City’s first street art and in Ørestad City Park where we look at the area’s versatile housing. Here you can hear about Copenhagen’s most popular high school Ørestad Gymnasium/High School and visit Ørestad’s first primary school with an architecture that is intended as a mountain landscape.

The striking 20-story black tower located in the formal center in Ørestad City at Kay Fisker’s Square, houses the international pharmaceutical company Ferring, and has become a landmark in Ørestad City. The building is designed by Henning Larsen Architects and was the first completed building in Ørestad City.

The tour ends at the mall ‘Fields’ where there is a perfect view to Ørestad South – where you’ll hear about the development plans for the most southern part of Ørestad.

The trip can be combined with Ørestad South and Ørestad Nord

The VM Mountain

The VM Mountain

Mountain Dwellings, 2300 København, Denmark

VM Houses

VM Houses

Ørestads Blvd. 57, 2300 København, Denmark

Bella Sky

Bella Sky

Center Blvd. 5, 2300 København, Denmark

Kay Fiskers Plads

Kay Fiskers Plads

Kay Fiskers Pl., 2300 København, Denmark

Ørestad Gymnasium

Ørestad Gymnasium

Ørestads Blvd. 75, 2300 København, Denmark