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Urban planning, sustainability, temporary public spaces, residential and institutional buildings


8 House, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Rambøll Headquarter and many others


Metro Station Ørestad, next to the metro pillar


at the 8 House


1.5 hours

Max participants



3.000 DKK excl. VAT

The walk in Ørestad South offers a string of sustainable buildings and solutions. You will see both the award-winning 8 House by BIG, Hotel Crowne Plaza, and hear about the future plans in Ørestad South, which is the densely populated area in Ørestad.

The newest district in Ørestad is Ørestad South. Ørestad South will be Ørestad’s most densely populated area with a total of 10,000 inhabitants, once the district has been fully developed.

The tour includes a string of great examples of sustainable buildings and solutions.

The walk in Ørestad South guides you to the central buildings of Ørestad South. We begin our tour by taking a closer look at the so-called ‘Copenhagen Business District’, where we visit the Rambøll Headquarters by DISSING+WEITLING.  The Rambøll Headquarter is a fine example of a commercial company that has chosen to consolidate all their activities in Ørestad South, on account of the area’s central location in relation to Copenhagen and the world.

Hotel Crown Plaza, where we will also make a stop, is one of the few hotels in the world to have been certified for its sustainable profile – and you will see the solar panels from below when we walk through the lobby of the hotel.

The multi-purpose arena ‘Copenhagen Arena’ will be the next member of the family in the northern part of Ørestad South. You will hear about the plans for the new arena that will be hosting sporting events as well as big concerts. At the southern most end we head through the temporary public space ‘Plug N Play’ before concluding the walk south of the award-winning green residential complex ‘the 8 House’ by BIG.

Hotel Crowne Plaza

Hotel Crowne Plaza

Copenhagen Towers, Oerestads Boulevard 114 - 118, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Rambølls Headquarter

Rambølls Headquarter

Hannemanns Allé 53, 2300 København, Denmark

Royal Arena

Royal Arena

Hannemanns Allé 20, 2300 København, Denmark



Richard Mortensens Vej, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark

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