Photo: Christoffer Askmand

Danish Architecture Center and BLOX light up the darkness of winter during the Copenhagen Light Festival.

From February 5–27, while the Copenhagen Light Festival is underway, the area around Bryghuspladsen, BLOX and the Danish Architecture Center will be home to several spectacular light displays. From there you can walk or run a very special edition of the DAC Architecture Run throughout the entire festival this year – on your own, while social distancing. On a 5.5K route that takes you through downtown Copenhagen, you will be guided past more than 20 of the light spectacles on display.

Free parking

Throughout the Light Festival and until February 27th, you get two hours of free parking in the parking garage below the BLOX building.

Just send a text message with the text “BLOXLYS” to 1919, and use the code you receive at the payment terminal.

Run or walk – together at a distance

The course was planned by the Danish Architecture Center in cooperation with Copenhagen Light Festival, and with support from Nordea’s Local Fund. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is not possible to run or walk together this year. Instead, you can run or walk the course on your own or walk the course each day of the festival. The course is a loop, so it is possible to join or leave it at any point along the way. The strings of lights marking the course will be lit daily from 5 pm to 11 pm.

In the area around the Danish Architecture Center, the course passes four stunning light displays: Illuminated trees along Frederiksholm’s Canal, Fata Morgana at Bryghuspladsen, Sphere on BLOX’s wooden deck facing Christians Brygge, as well as an illuminated Lille Langebro bridge will make for a unique running experience in a city glowing in the darkness of winter.

Take care of each other, keep a safe distance, and remember that no more than five people may run or walk the course together. Have fun!


Follow the DAC route

You can follow DAC’s 5.5 km walking or running route at your own pace. Small light guides you along the route, and takes you past more than 20 of the festival’s light spectacles.

Festival map

Use this map when you move around Copenhagen to find the different light installations. Inside the map you will find descriptions and small sound bites about the all of the light spectacles.