February 3 – 26

Copenhagen Light Festival is an annual light festival that transforms the quiet and cold winter darkness into a unique celebration of light art, lighting design and lighting in the center of Copenhagen.

For three weeks of February, the festival presents a wide range of light-based works; sculptures, installations and projections created by both established and ‘up and coming’ lighting artists, lighting designers, students and organisations.

DAC lights up the winter darkness during the Copenhagen Light Festival

During the Copenhagen Light Festival (from February 3 – 26) the area around the Danish Architecture Center is the center of several spectacular light works.

Works near Danish Architecture Center



VULNUS is minimalistic video art with a “strong but non-judgmental view on postmodernity”. VULNUS in Latin means an offense capable of destabilizing a principle–a wound. It is closely related to the term vulnerable. VULNUS uses words and phrases that we see everywhere–that are acted upon, acted out, used, and abused by everyone. It reveals how these words we take almost for granted increasingly commit us to contracts we barely even notice.

C999 is an anonymous multimedia artist who, through his works, deconstructs the digital interfaces and networks we have all, more or less voluntarily, become dependent on. C999’s work VULNUS has previously, among other things, has been shown at the projection festival LUMA in New York (2022) as well as the Primarolia Festival in Athens (2022).


Igor Halicki

In countries like Denmark, it might be hard even to imagine life without stable electricity; in other places, it is an everyday situation in millions of households.

‘hook-Up’ is a generative art piece depicting the differences in access to electricity in various places around the globe. Nine abstract motion graphics display accessibility in Europe, North America, Latin America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, Arab World, Hindu World, Far East and South-East Asia.

The aesthetics reference local colors and patterns, while the smoothness of movement portrays the hook-up percentage of a specific area.

The piece is an invitation to reflect upon the issue unknown in Europe, even in times when everybody talks about energy savings and its price. Igor Halicki is a lighting designer active on Copenhagen’s stages for the last 5 years.

He has a particular interest in merging new technologies and interactive lighting with performing arts.Through his design experience, he got soaked into the void of generative art and started to use it to communicate through abstract visuals.

Pixel Poetry

Niels Bonde

A poetic pondering on innate qualities of the pixels of the screen image. How the image is made of pixels, with fixed positions, but changing colours.

Depending on the screen and application, there are more or fewer pixels organised in slightly different ratios. This is technical and mundane, but it is magic how your brain process this pixel flow, and translates them into objects and narratives.

Consider then, how the colours are relating to each other and in this encoding are connected with the original image. This is how algorithms identify us by processing these few pixels and matching them with databases of portraits scraped from online images.

Experience the works along a spectacular running route

Take part in the DAC Architecture Run – a running route through inner Copenhagen, where you are guided past more than 20 of the exhibited light works. The route is planned by the Danish Architecture Center in collaboration with the Copenhagen Light Festival. You decide whether you want to walk or run the route at your own pace. The route is clearly marked with lights.