DAC Club

As a member of DAC Club, you get membership benefits and free acces to DAC – all year round.

Take a closer look at great architects and old classics, hidden gems and the sustainable urban districts of tomorrow. At our home in BLOX and throughout the city, where the architecture is at its most authentic and spectacular. After all, architecture should be experienced up close – and we can’t wait to take you with us.

Choose your membership

Membership card
DKK 315

Membership card +1
DKK 415

Membership card +4
DKK 715

Membership card students​
DKK 150

Your membership benefits

Free access to all exhibitions all year

As a member of DAC Club, the doors to DAC will always be open to you. So you can visit us at BLOX 360 days a year.

Invitations to openings and special events

As a member of DAC Club, you will be invited to exclusive openings for all our exhibitions. You’ll also get invitations to special events just for club members. You’ll receive invitations through our newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

Selected tour and event benefits

As a club member, you get discounts on DAC’s guided city tours. And you get free or discounted access to selected DAC events. You’ll see the discount when you log in using your email to book a ticket.

10% discount in the design shop and 20% on parking

10% discount in DAC Design Shop

In our design shop, you can buy anything from books and magazines to illustrations and innovative design. You get a 10% discount in the shop when you show your membership card.


20% discount on parking at BLOX

You can park in BLOX’s fully automatic paid parking garage – and as a member of DAC Club, you get 20% off when visiting DAC. Get a discount code at Welcome upon your visit.

The entrance is on Vester Voldgade. Read more about the parking garage.


Free coffee and 10% discount in the café

As a club member, you can enjoy a free cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea when you visit us.  You get 10% off your bill in DAC Café. If you have a +1 card, your guest also get the benefit, when you pay the bill. On weekdays, you can enjoy lunch at our special membership price, and on weekends, you get a discount on our buffet.

Benefits with other cultural institutions


14% off admission to Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg for you and a guest.


M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

20% off admission to the Maritime Museum of Denmark in Helsingør and 10% off in their shop.


Utzon Center

25% off admission to Utzon Center in Aalborg for you and a guest.



20% discount on admission to ARoS for you and a guest in July and August.

Get help to activate your membership card

Are you having trouble activating your membership card? Get help here.


Is my admission ticket refunded if I buy a DAC Club membership?

You can upgrade your entrance ticket to a membership card on the day of your visit. You only pay the price difference. You get one ticket refunded per membership card.

Should I register my arrival when visiting DAC?

Yes, you should always register with the staff at DAC Welcome – even if you are only visiting DAC Café.

How do I stay informed on current benefits and events?

Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on current benefits and discounts.

How do I buy tickets to events?

There are two ways to purchase tickets: On our website and from the staff at DAC Welcome.

Be aware that many of our events only offer a limited number of tickets. To secure a ticket, it’s best to purchase your ticket online from home. See all events at DAC

Should I also book a ticket for free events?

Yes, you should book a ticket on our website or from the DAC Welcome staff for all events – regardless of whether they are free or not. This also applies to special events for club members.

How to purchase a membership card as a gift

You can buy a gift card for a club card at the DAC Design Shop. Here, we sell a gift envelope that contains a gift code, with which your friend can create their club card online.
You can also buy a club card as a gift online. Here, you can write a personal greeting and choose the date on which the club card should start. On the date you have chosen for the card to be activated, your friend will receive a digital club card and an email with your gift message.

How to redeem a Membership Card gift card

The instructions are on your gift card. Go through the purcase flow for a club card as normally. Once you get to the payment, you enter the promocode on the gift card in the promo field and redeem the code. This will cover the price for the club card.

If you are having trouble you can enter your details on  dac.dk/mingave and we’ll create your card and send it to you digitally. Or you can pick up your membership card on your next visit to the Danish Architecture Center, by presenting your gift card.

Who can buy a Student Membership Card?

All students with a valid student ID can purchase a student club card. For all visits, a valid club card must be presented, along with the DAC Club Card.

How do I buy a membership card online?

On our online ticketing platform, you can choose to buy a membership card for yourself or renew your membership card.

Follow the instructions on the screen, and we’ll send you an email with your new membership card. You can download your membership card on your phone in Apple Wallet or Gpay, or by opening your confirmation email when you visit us. A digital membership card is the most environmentally friendly choice. But if you prefer a plastic card, we’ll print one out for you on your first visit.

How do I get my digital membership card on my phone?

When you become a DAC Club member, you receive an email with a link to save your membership card on your mobile phone. The email subject line reads: Here is your DAC Membership Card. In the email, you can click on a black button that adds your membership card to your wallet on iPhone or Gpay on Android phones.

You used to be able to save your membership card in the DAC app. That is no longer possible.

If you prefer a plastic membership card, we can print one for you when you visit DAC. However, we recommend the digital card, as it’s kinder to the environment.

How do I renew my membership?

You renew your membership by buying a new annual membership. When your membership is about to expire, we’ll send you an email reminding you that it’s time to renew. Otherwise, you’re always welcome to keep track of the expiration date on your membership card and to buy a new one online or in person at DAC Welcome.

Is the membership valid from the current date?

Your DAC Club membership is valid for one year from the payment date.

If you received the membership as a gift, it is valid for one year from the card’s activation date.

As a club member, do I get discounts on all DAC events?

No, not on everything, but on many. For example, you can join a guided tour at a club price. Or you can get in for free to all events in DAC, which are free when the entrance is paid.

How to log in using your membership card and make purchases at discounted rates

When buying a ticket online, you can log in with your email address. First select the tour you want to take, then log in and click “book ticket.” You then automatically get the membership rate on the number of tickets your membership card gives you access to. If your card has expired, you need to renew it to get the membership rate.

Can I lend someone my membership card?

No, your membership card is personal. For the DAC Membership Card +1, the person the card was issued to must always be present whenever the card is used.

Can I give my club membership to someone else?

Your membership card is personal and cannot be given or lent to anyone.

Can I get money refunded for my membership card?

Once your membership has been used, it can’t be refunded.

If you purchased a membership for yourself, the amount paid is refundable within 30 days of the payment date. If you received it as a gift, it can be refunded within 30 days of activation if you haven’t used the membership card yet. For a refund, contact tickets@dac.dk

How many guests can I take with me to the exhibition using my membership card?

If you have a membership card for one person, your own admission to the exhibition is free. Your friends or guests must pay admission to the exhibition. If you have a DAC Membership Card+1 or +4, you can take as many guests with you to the exhibition as your card states.

How many guests can I, as a club member, pay for with a discount at DAC Café?

As a club member, you can buy lunch at a special membership price. The offer is valid for as many people as your membership card allows. So if you have a +1 card, you can buy 2 Club lunches.

Can I lend my membership card to others who want to buy products in DAC Design Shop at a 10% discount?

No, your membership card is personal. Only club members get a 10% discount on products in DAC Design Shop.

Any other questions?

We are always happy to answer your questions about DAC Club. Ask us during your visit to DAC, or send an email to info@dac.dk.