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Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj

How well do you really know Copenhagen? Have you seen all of the hidden gems and the quirky details? With our our free app or guide book you can explore the city on your own.

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Danish Architecture Center’s free app puts the city’s best contemporary architecture and design right in the palm of your hand. This is the quintessential tool for urban exploring and discovering the most interresting architecture – not only in Copenhagen but across the world.

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Photo: Jeppe Carlsen

Guide to New Architecture in Copenhagen

Guide to new architecture in Copenhagen

In the latest edition of Danish Architecture Center’s Guide to New Architecture in Copenhagen, we have handpicked 100 of the most prominent recent architectural projects – parks, squares, bridges, buildings – to shed light on the development that Copenhagen is going through in these years.

We also present the Copenhagen localhoods and four Copenhageners give their recommendations for using the city.

The guide is in English and it is printed in a light weight and easy to read format – ideal for a trip in the city.

You can buy the book in DAC Designshop and at selected bookstores.