DAC Café

Opening hours

Mon-Sun 10-18
Thursdays 10-21

Enjoy a great cup of coffee and delicious Nordic dishes prepared with local ingredients. Visit our café with spectacular views of Copenhagen Harbor from our large rooftop terraces.

We serve simple and elegant Nordic dishes spiced up with inspiration from every corner of the world and prepared using local produce. Our varied menu offers delights for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.


You can access the café with a ticket to DAC.

Contact us

The telephone is open every day from 11 to 17.

+45 32 64 54 66

Exhibition and food

Special deal

Admission and lunch
Mon-Fri, 11.00 – 15.00 (Does not apply during school holidays)
225 DKK for adults

Get a combination discount on exhibition admission and lunch in the café.

Explore our exhibitions and enjoy a delicious meal in the café – we offer treats for both children and adults.

You can only buy the combination ticket on the day you visit DAC.