Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is an international cultural attraction for everyone who wants to experience and understand how architecture and design create the framework for our lives. We live in the heart of Copenhagen by the inner harbor in the spectacular building BLOX and are part of Copenhagen’s Cultural District.

Every day we are in touch with architecture and design. But we are not necessarily aware of the great importance it plays in relation to how we live our lives – and live together. Did you know, for example, that architecture and design can help solve some of the world’s major challenges in relation to the UN’s World Goals?

We are passionate about engaging more people in the world of architecture. We want more people to notice the architecture in their surroundings, feel the joy of good design, and feel like discussing it over the dinner tables.

We are for children and adults, locals and tourists, architectural nerds and curious beginners. All of us who love sustainable cities with room for your own ideas and space for diversity. Through exhibitions, tours, events, learning and networking, we create space for inspiration, enjoyment and immersion.

We look forward to welcoming you to Danish Architecture Center!

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DAC aims to be a must-see international cultural attraction, relevant to anyone who wants to experience and understand how architecture and design create the framework for our lives.


DAC creates engaging experiences and debates about architecture, design and urban development through exhibitions, tours, events, learning and networking.


We dare to surprise and provoke. We bring creative chaos that inspires critical thinking.

Many museums focus primarily on the past. We primarily look ahead and focus on what is to come. New opportunities, innovations and ideas

We are proud of our open, transparent and changeable environment. We are open to everyone and always open to new ideas.

Beautiful cities, architecture and design evoke great emotions. Even love. We love the city and are genuinely passionate about all aspects of architecture and design. And we want to share that with everyone.

We work together and across. Gathers and connects people and disciplines. And always connected to our local and global environment.

Green Attraction

Danish Architecture Center is proud to have been awarded the Green Attraction ecolabel. We have achieved the certification by striving to reduce our environmental impact in everything we do. The certificate supports our engagement in the sustainable transition, and it aligns well with the agenda we agreed to when we signed the Planet Copenhagen manifesto and when we acceded to the UN Global Compact in 2008 (Read our most recent Communication on Engagement).

At Danish Architecture Center, we believe that architecture plays an important role in meeting the challenges of the future. We believe that these challenges will only be overcome in the interplay between different skills and disciplines and, that by pooling resources, we can achieve a greater range and effect.

Therefore, Danish Architecture Center is an open platform for private individuals and professionals; culture and industry; Denmark and the rest of the world. It is an open platform for co-creation, innovation and democratic involvement to help generate economic, social and environmentally sustainable development, both in Denmark and internationally.

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Danish Architecture Center is an international cultural attraction, interpreting architecture and design. We were established as a foundation, and our core funding is provided by a public-private partnership between the Danish government and Realdania, a for-profit charitable entity. The Danish government is represented by the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens.

Board of Directors

Danish Architecture Center is governed by a board of directors, consisting of six members and three employee-elected representatives. Board members are elected for a four-year term.

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Danish Architecture Center’s management team consists of Kent Martinussen, CEO, and Dorthe Weinkouff Barsøe, Vice-Director and COO. CEO Kent Martinussen and Dorthe Weinkouff Barsøe are entitled to sign for the management.

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Do you believe that architecture can improve our cities and create better quality of life for everyone? Are you curious, enjoy collaborating with passionate and ambitious individuals, and open to new ideas?

At the Danish Architecture Center, we have high expectations to the professionalism of each employee. We work closely together to create a awesome overall experience for all our guests.

Unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited applications. Instead, we ask you to keep an eye on this page and send your application when we have posted a job that matches your qualifications and job preferences.

You can also follow the Danish Architecture Center on LinkedIn, where we advertise relevant job postings.



Danish Architecture Center was established as a foundation in 1986 by the then National Union of Danish Architects, the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers, the Danish Contractors’ Association, the Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Federation of Danish Industries.

As Denmark’s national architecture center, DAC receives an annual basic grant from the partnership between Realdania, the ministries of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Culture, and Transport and Housing.

The content of DAC’s activities is funded by Realdania, other donors and partners, and the center’s proceeds.

Download DAC’s most recent annual reports in PDF format (in Danish):

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Good Foundation Governance

Danish Architecture Center’s board of directors has decided that the statutory report on good governance of commercial foundations should be publicly available on DAC’s website. The board regularly addresses amendments to current practice.

Danish Architecture Center has prepared a detailed report on how the foundation meets the recommendations on foundation governance.

Good Foundation Governance, DAC 2023
Good Foundation Governance, DAC 2022
Good Foundation Governance, DAC 2021
Good Foundation Governance, DAC 2020
Good Foundation Governance, DAC 2019
Good Foundation Governance, DAC 2018
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