Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is the meeting place for architecture, design and urban culture in Denmark.

Vision, mission and values

The Danish Architecture Center’s objective and legitimacy consist in promoting co-operation across the professional boundaries of the construction sector and architecture so that the players, working together, are able to contribute to the forward-looking development of architecture and construction specifically and Danish society in general.


We want Danish Architecture Center to be Denmark’s leading center for the development and implementation of unique, top-quality educational and developmental projects related to the built-up environment as a whole.


Danish Architecture Center’s mission is to launch partnerships that can deliver new, sustainable visions for the way society is to be organised in the future.
– Danish Architecture Center will work to promote cooperation between all parties interested in buildings and the urban setting.
– Danish Architecture Center will be an open, visionary and dynamic platform for the building trade and urban development.
– Danish Architecture Center will be an architectural crucible, in which branches of industry can meet to create relations and results that are innovative, surprising and provide added value.
– Danish Architecture Center will set up and participate in projects and processes that can make a difference.
– Danish Architecture Center will attract and retain staff who seek challenges and get things moving; Danish Architecture Center will also establish a leadership and staff culture that promotes visionary, cooperative and professionally competent behaviour.


Danish Architecture Center’s system of values run through the whole of the way Danish Architecture Center acts as an organisation. This applies to management, cooperation with the surrounding world and Danish Architecture Center’s public image in general.

Danish Architecture Center is not based on production, but rather an organisation centred round development, which mostly takes the form of implementing specialised, unique projects. This basic orientation must be reflected in the values that lie behind the day-to-day working of Danish Architecture Center.

Danish Architecture Center’s work is based on four guiding values:
• Vision
• Authenticity
• Competence
• Cooperative


The DAC’s core funding is provided by a public-private partnership between Realdania and the Danish government. The government is represented by: the Ministry of Business Denmark, the Ministry of Culture Denmark and the Ministry of Transport and Housing.

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This is our field of work

Our goal is to create broad interest in architecture, to clear the way for new ideas traversing traditional boundaries and to show how architecture creates cultural and economic assets for people, the industry and society.

We offer a wide range of professional and cultural activities, including exhibitions, professionalisation,seminars, guided tours in the city, etc.

Most of the projects we carry out are performed in conjunction with Danish and international partners who share our visions.


The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is a fund established in 1986 by what was then the National Association of Danish Architects, the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers, the Danish Contractors’ Association, the Chamber of Danish Trades and Crafts and the Federation of Danish Industries.

Funding of Public Service activities
The DAC’s core funding is provided by a public-private partnership between Realdania and the Danish government. The government is represented by: the Ministry of Business Denmark and the Ministry of Culture Denmark.

The overall objective is to ensure and strengthen the center’s position in the development and dissemination of knowledge about architecture, building and urban development

The Danish Architecture Center is an autonomous, commerce-promoting fund with an economic basis in partnership. The partnership raises an annual operational grant for the Public Service activities of a total of DKK 18.8 million, contributed to equally by Realdania on the one hand and the State on the other hand.

Thanks to the partnership agreement entered into between the Ministries and Realdania, the Danish Government’s policy goal that The Danish Architecture Center’s ordinary operations should not be financed exclusively with public means is met.

The objective of the partnership financing of the Public Service activities is to ensure the foundation for:

  • the Danish Government being able to achieve goals deriving from the concrete project activities defined in Initiative 1 in the Danish Government’s policy, “Growth with will, Denmark in the culture- and experience economy”
  • Realdania being able to achieve goals deriving from its fund strategy and from the “dissemination and debate” initiative.


Funding of Projects
The goals are reached through the concrete project types described in The Danish Architecture Center’s commerce- and culture profiles. Costs arising from the implementation of professional projects are not covered by the operations grant. The projects are financed with project-related income and with subsidies from Ministries, funds, sponsors and collaborative agreements with public authorities and private commercial enterprises.  A specific agreement is entered into between The Danish Architecture Center and the financing party for each individual project.

The Danish Architecture Center is obliged to:

  • raise the necessary project financing, including contributions to cover the activities’ burden on the management and administration apparatus and to build up the necessary capital;
  • ensure that the burden on the management and administration apparatus due to operation of the café, conference center and special bookstore is financially covered by the activities themselves;
  • create added value for sponsors and hence expand the sponsor portfolio with a view to long-term interaction with players in the construction sector in the form of commercial enterprises and funds;
  • promote professionally-based partnerships and hence establish long-term partnerships with the State, municipalities, institutions, funds and commercial enterprises.

The Public Service organisation consists of resources in the form of building systems with exhibition- and production facilities, as well as professional personnel who:

  • lead, develop, market and administer the center
  • develop, or contribute to the development of, formulate and fundraise for externally-financed project activities
  • contribute to the implementation of project initiatives so that concrete project support is obtained in the form of external means.

The Board

Jacob Holm

Jacob Holm

Chairman of the board
CEO at Fritz Hansen

Jesper Nygård

Jesper Nygård

CEO at Realdania

Kristine Jensen

Kristine Jensen

Owner and manager of Arkitekt Kristine Jensen Tegnestue

Anders Brøndum Klein

Anders Brøndum Klein

Project Manager & Project Developer

Sigmund Lubanski

Sigmund Lubanski

Head of Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

Pia Rost Rasmussen

Pia Rost Rasmussen

Chief of Activities at the Danish Architecture Center

Peder Baltzer Nielsen

Peder Baltzer Nielsen

City Architect of Aalborg