Architecture from a child’s perspective

Note! Small exhibition

June 25 – August 18, 2024


2-10 years

The architect and the yellow cat have left a trail of footprints in our exhibition. See if you can locate the kid’s exhibition by following the architect’s footprints or tracing the yellow paws of the cat on its playful journey to the exhibition.

The mini exhibition Architecture from a child’s perspective draws its content from DAC’s project: “ArchitecTOUR in Kindergartens.” This project aims to provide kindergarten children with more architectural experiences and equip their educators with tools for working with architectural education. Both in the kindergarten, on the playground, and during trips out. The goal is to strengthen children’s immediate perception of their surroundings, sharpen their observation of the immediate environment, and support the development of a language to express what they experience.

You and your children can have the same experience at DAC. Dive into the project’s five themes: Space, Size, Colors, Materials, and Shapes. All materials are available for families to explore the project. The exhibition is designed for young children, but older children will also be able to benefit from it.

Also, read the book “The Architect and the Yellow Cat” while visiting the mini exhibition. The book’s universe serves as the background for both the project and the exhibition. The book is in Danish, so reading it loud, requires Danish language skills. You can buy the book in DAC Design Shop.