Danish Architecture Center

Dreyers Arkitektur Galleri

Exhibition period

September 14 - November 29, 2018

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Dreyers Arkitektur Galleri is supported by Dreyers Fond and developed in cooperation with Danish Architecture Center.

In Dreyers Arkitektur Galleri three architecture firms get free rein to create their own exhibitions.

Get a unique glimpse into the dynamic daily practice and reality of these three architecture firms, where creativity and business savvy go hand in hand. The chosen architecture firms in 2018 are LETH & GORI, WE architecture and POINT.

Dreyers Arkitektur Galleri is part of the Dreyer Foundation’s focus on young architecture firms, and the architects exhibiting in the gallery have all participated in a series of workshops aimed at boosting their business potential.


September 14 –  October 5

WE architecture

October 19 – November 2


November 9 – November 29