Danish Architecture Center

Jørn Utzon

Exhibition period

November 7 - March 3, 2019

Developed in collaboration with

Utzon Center

In 2018 Jørn Utzon would have celebrated his 100th birthday. We honor the Danish starchitect with the solo exhibition “Horisont” presenting Utzon’s many travels and his curiosity for foreign cultures which influenced his wonderful iconic architecture.

All photos:
© Utzon Archives / Utzon Center

Don’t miss this retrospective solo exhibition with one of the biggest Danish architects ever: Jørn Utzon. In the exhibition you’ll travel with Utzon on his many journeys to the Arab region across Northern Africa, Central America, Asia and to his second home, Mallorca.

Utzon was captivated by local cultures wherever he went. And in his architecture the source of inspiration is easily traced in both form and function.

Utzon was inspired by temples and the shape of their roofs – almost free floating above elevated platforms. And it was this illusion of the floating roof that he wanted to recreate for the Sydney Operahouse.

A good example is the Parliament in Kuwait where the inner structure is designed as an Islamic bazaar and the facades are inspired by Bedouin tents.

Utzon also brought inspiration from his previous journeys to his projects in other countries – an example is the Sydney Opera House inspired by Chinese temples.

Sydney Opera House is probably the one building which most of us connect to Jørn Utzon. In this exhibition you’ll get a close and rare perspective on this masterpiece which most architects can only dream of having designed – and which is now an iconic landmark for a whole continent.