Our future hospitals –

Healing architecture

Exhibition period

January 10 , 2017 - April 29, 2018


“Our Future Hospitals – Healing Architecture” will run at the Danish Architecture Center from the 10th January to 29th April 2018 and at the Utzon Center in Aalborg from February. The exhibition will then travel around Denmark.


Presented by

The exhibition is presented Danske Regioner and produced by Dansk Arkitektur Center.

The Danish healthcare system is under pressure. However, new technology also brings new opportunities. The Danish regions plan to renovate and build 43 new hospitals by 2025 to make them better equipped to care for us all. The ambition for the new hospitals is to be people-centric.

But how exactly will the new hospitals put people first?

At the exhibition you learned about the grand visions for the new Children’s Hospital Copenhagen with its aim to be the world’s best hospital for children and their families, the award-winning new psychiatric hospital in Slagelse, and the sensory-stimulating delivery rooms in Herning. At the exhibition, you heard about the ten design principles that underline the healing process, about how the new hospitals will use future technology, and about building a healthcare sector for an unknown future. For a complex future. For a future where the focus will continually be high quality and optimised use of time, money and resources

Photo by: Karlsson arkitekter / VLA + Jens Markus Lindhe
New psychiatric hopital, Slagelse

Photo by: Courtesy MODOS and Kommunikationsafdelingen, Hospitalsenheden Vest, Herning
The future delivery room