The City

Bykortet er et kæmpe kort over København man kan gå rundt på

Aerial photo of Copenhagen

Free entry. Find The City Map on the floor in the passage under BLOX – level -2 from the street. Right by the entrance to our ticket sales.

Start your exploration of Copenhagen’s architecture on the floor just beneath BLOX. Here, you can walk around on a gigantic aerial photo of the city and get a complete overview. At the same time, it gives you the feeling of being a giant, stomping around – high above the city. The perfect place to start a tour around the World Capital of Architecture.

See the city from a bird’s eye view and gain a new perspective on the capital’s layout and architecture. Locate the neighborhoods you know and discover unknown parts of the city that you wish to explore. Dive into selected locations via smart shortcuts to DAC’s app – Copenhagen Architecture Guide.

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With the Copenhagen Architecture Guide app, you get the best stories behind the city’s architecture – from the small street corners to the grand constructions. In the app, you can explore more than 300 highlights of Copenhagen’s architecture.