Future green business

It’s never easy to predict the future – nevertheless a group of experts from business development, building construction and green solutions set out to do just that when asked to give advice to green entrepreneurs in the construction industry.

The experts met at a workshop in the fall of 2016 and the results of the workshop were later validated through interviews with entrepreneurs at the Building Green 2016 event.

This model is intended as an evolution of the construction value chain, which is traditionally drawn along a horizontal chronological line – starting with a building owner and development, and ending with renovation and then demolition. In recent years, several players in the industry have worked to promote a circular version of such a value chain, where renovation and demolition are considered new resources that can be reintroduced into the value chain again.

This circular model should be understood as a form of disruption to the traditional value chain, one that represents the emergence of new types of business. These businesses are not simply acting as a cluster, but ones that solve several different tasks in the construction process, without falling back into the traditional value chain.

The future may be closer than you would think. The first pioneer companies are already working outside traditional construction models, relating their services towards the overall construction process rather than individual phases. We have collected a few of the most inspiring examples that can be seen in the videos:

Anders Lendager, CEO of Lendager Group
Lendager Group has the goal to become the leading sustainable design studio in Denmark. Through its work with sustainability and the recycling of building materials, it forms an integral part of the early stages of construction. They achieve this by producing upcycled building materials and components for the construction industry with a focus on resource efficiency.

Peter Drechsler, Product Manager at GenieBelt
GenieBelt is a promising start-up company that has set out to disrupt, change and improve the construction industry with the use of its digital planning tool.

Marlene Haugaard, Director at NCC Building Engineering
NCC is currently adapting its services and roles, entering the construction process at earlier stages than its previous operations have traditional focused on. This means NCC will feature not only in the execution phase of projects. NCC is moving toward embracing more and more phases within its services, creating a more holistic approach to its projects.

These videos are intended as an inspirational tool for entrepreneurs and innovators in the construction industry.


Interview with Anders Lendager, CEO of Lendager Group

Interview with Peter Drechsler, Product Manager at GenieBelt

Interview with Marlene Haugaard, Director at NCC Building Engineering 

The expert panel, among others, consisted of: 

  • Henrik Bo Jenvall, Arkitekt H.D. M.Sc., Teaching Facilities Management, KEA
  • Malene Tofveson Nibe, Design engineer, Center for Robotteknologi, Teknologisk Institut
  • Nina Koch-Ørvad, PhD-student, DTU Management Engineering
  • Christian Thing, Partner, Climawintech – Horn Group
  • Helle Bagger Nielsen, Business Development Manager & IPR Coach, Væksthus Hovedstadsregionen