8 House: Where City Meets Nature


Photo: Ty Stange

The classic Copenhagen apartment block has been twisted into a figure eight that opens onto Kalvebod Commons, providing each apartment with plenty of daylight, space and a view.

8 House is a groundbreaking residential project in the Ørestad district, named for its shape as a figure eight.

It was created by twisting a traditional housing block in the middle, so it looks like an infinity symbol from above, the end facing the greenery of Kalvebod Commons designed slightly lower to let light into its courtyards. As such, it behaves almost as a small self-sustaining village complex that promotes urban life.

8 House mixes various functions to promote life and activity throughout the day: businesses and day care institutions are located at street level close to their users in order to optimise the building’s darker parts. On the levels above, housing units meander upwards in a figure eight, topped with a series of bright and airy penthouse apartments.

The building houses people in every phase of life: young and old, singles and families. Its 476 residences comprise several dwelling types: two-story townhouses with small gardens, flats with balconies and penthouse apartments with rooftop terraces.

The entire complex is connected by a path that twists and turns about a kilometre upwards, around, past and through the rows of dwellings, creating an unpredictable, varied and dynamic outdoor space with an amazing view of the area.


Copenhagen, Ørestad


BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group


Dansk Olie Kompagni
Høpfner A/S
St. Frederikslund Holding