Bella Sky


Photo: Adam Mørk - 3XN

The largest hotel in Scandinavia comprises two towers leaning at dramatically steep angles and connected at a height of 75 meters by a bridge. The view from the top is superb.

Leaning at steeper angles than Pisa’s tower, the AC Hotel Bella Sky’s two towers are a daring feat of architecture and engineering. Behind its white exterior, sliced with iridescent blue triangles, 814 rooms, 46 event and meeting spaces, five restaurants, a bar and a wellness centre make the four-star hotel the largest in Scandinavia.

Connected to the Bella Center conferencing space, the hotel’s 76.5-metre height keeps it shy of flight paths. The towers lean 20 metres out at the top in relation to the bottom, the top 10 floors of one tower bending out at an angle of 12 degrees to make it virtually twist at the top. The other tower bends similarly at its bottom. The two share a base, while their top floors connect via a sky bridge.

The towers were efficiently constructed of prefabricated concrete elements, so each storey took just 11 days to attach. They are the only tilted pre-cast structures in the world.

Internally, Bella Sky is the essence of a Scandinavian take on classic hotel interiors, with timeless Danish-designed furniture and green walls spilling abundantly with living plants. Its 17th level, the Bella Donna floor, was designed as female-only, but became bookable by men when a gender discrimination case was brought against the hotel in 2014.


Copenhagen, Ørestad



Landscape architect

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Bella Center


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