Audo House: From Merchant House to Boutique Hotel


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In the heart of the Århusgade neighborhood (Århusgadekvarteret) lies one of Nordhavn’s oldest buildings, a freshly polished house in its original rust red color. It harmonizes with the western part of the Århusgade neighborhood in Nordhavn, also known as the Red City, where the trademark was once red bricks. The building is called Audo House and is, among other things, a hotel with 10 unique rooms.

The building’s facade boasts numerous elegant details, including the protruding, bell-shaped architectural feature located above the main entrance, with a small oval window in the center. The bell’s handle, adorned with intricate carvings, hangs beneath the penthouse suite’s window. The original expressions and lines indicate that this place has a history that stretches a bit further back than much else in Nordhavn. The red corner building was constructed in 1918 and served as an old merchant house where small shops could purchase goods from around the world and resell them. Nordhavn originally functioned as a free port where ships could import goods like tea, cocoa, coffee, spices, fruits, textiles, and more. Back then, the harbor basin ran along the edge of the house — today known as Bilbaogade.

The Meeting of Two Eras

The old merchant house has since been transformed into a modern building with many functions and offerings. A significant renovation took place with the goal of harmonizing the new and the old. For example, designing the penthouse suite was a substantial undertaking, as the space is located above the house’s old staircase tower, where the main entrance is. The old stairwell has now been removed, and the floors above have been reestablished.

Parts of the ground floor, including the house’s foyer, have also been lowered to street level, and, along with the tall new windows on the facade, they create natural light and provide an overview of the building’s two wings.

10 Cozy Rooms

The hotel in Audo House has a total of 10 rooms, each uniquely decorated with clean lines and designer furniture from Audo Copenhagen as a common theme.

The hotel’s rooms are located under the roof, featuring slanted ceilings that contribute to a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, the house’s beams have been exposed and treated, allowing the warmth of the wood to contrast with the modern and orderly interior. This is especially true for the rooms in the house’s large wing, where the supporting beams from the third floor have been revealed, creating a ceiling height of four and a half meters.

Transformed into a Hybrid Space

Audo House brings life to the area. Besides being a small hotel that attracts tourists to Nordhavn each year, the building also serves as Audo Copenhagen’s headquarters with meeting rooms and a showroom. Audo House is also a café, a shop, and an event space. Behind the building, there is an open courtyard and a wide elevated wooden terrace where visitors can relax. The goal is for this multifunctional building to serve as a meeting place for the users of the neighborhood.

Near Audo House

Audo House is located in the rapidly growing district of Nordhavn. There are numerous significant buildings and exciting public spaces nearby. Take a closer look at The Silo, Free Harbor Tower (Frihavnstårnet), and Tip of Nordø (Spidsen af Nordø) — or take a dip in the harbor from the promenade at Sandkaj. In the Århusgade neighborhood, you’ll also find the district’s first public housing development, The Orient (Orienten), and the parking garage with a park on top: Konditaget Lüders.


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