Diakonissestiftelsen hospice


Photo: Adam Mørk

This hospice has been designed so the terminally ill and their families can spend their final days in reassuring, beautiful and respectful surroundings.

This is not an ordinary residential construction, but an urban hospice designed with a vision “to create a protecting atmos- phere that also offers a glimpse to the outside world.”

As a shimmery, golden house in Frederiksberg, Diakonissestiftelsen is both exceedingly eye-catching and complementary to its surrounding red brick buildings. Over the years, its brass allow façade will turn brownish and matte, while its doors and panels will keep their beautiful dark wooden colour.

NORD Architects designed the distinct building in close dialogue and cooperation with its users and the developer, the Deaconess Community.

A temporary home in which up to 16 people can receive palliative treatment requires fantastic spatial conditions so the dying can spend their final days in a soothing and beautiful environment. A sense of community has therefore been the focal point in the process, and the architects took that assignment to heart, resulting in Diakonissesstiftelsen having large-windowed façades to the front and the oval-shaped private courtyard, and more private, closed-off areas. Inside, wooden floors and white walls are meant to evoke something homelike, and the heart is the ceilinged foyer where a grand piano and arched windows face the courtyard, inviting gatherings and relaxation.






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