Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj - COASTCOBE

The offbeat daycare center – the Authors’ House – takes its name from the surrounding neighborhood with its many streets named after famous Danish writers. The playful design and choice of materials stimulate the imaginations and well-being of the children.

This characteristic, whimsically wavy building must be the daycare of every child’s dreams. Even it’s name is a source of inspiration: meaning ‘the Authors’ House’, it honours the surrounding street names that themselves honour famous Danish writers such as Edith Rode, Henrik Pontoppidan, Hans Kirk and Thit Jensen.

Forfatterhuset kindergarten is comprised of five small buildings tied together in a harmonious sequence of the so-called vertical ‘brick baguettes’, like a band continuing from house to house. The unique façade appears as a series of flowerpots sprouting lush rooftop gardens and complemented by vigorous green environments and surrounding trees.

With easy access to the outdoor spaces from each floor, and an architectural encouragement to play, the idea of a playground is literally taken to the next level. Surrounding fences and sheds are at once open and closed, ensuring safety but still integrating the building within its neighbouring environment.

The orange-red membrane applied to the steel skeleton echoes the historic brick buildings nearby – which house seniors and nursing homes – uniting generations in various ways. Internally, the space promotes creativity and learning through efficient spaces and bright rooms that allow for every style of play and all types of togetherness.


Copenhagen, Nørrebro


Copenhagen Municipality



Landscape architect