Resource Rows: A gem of upcycling nestled between newbuilds and nature



Upcycled brick sections from the demolished Carlsberg Brewery add the spirit of old Copenhagen to Lendager Group’s Resource Rows, while also contributing sustainability

The Resource Rows, in Danish Ressourcerækkerne, and the associated rooftop terraces were designed by the architects at Lendager Group. Here in the heart of Ørestad – on the edge of the wilds of Amager Common – new housing built using upcycled materials shows us that the contrast between newbuilds and nature doesn’t have to be jarring.

What makes the Resource Rows distinctive is the iconic 1×1 meter sections of upcycled bricks that have been incorporated into the facade. These unique masonry sections have both horizontal and vertical patterns, elegantly highlighting the aesthetic beauty and functionality of upcycled materials. The sections originate from a variety of demolished buildings, most notably the old Carlsberg Brewery. The differences in color and weathering give the buildings a historic edge in the midst of the area’s many newbuilds.

Upcycling is an overriding principle in this project. In the courtyard, you can sit on a bench made from upcycled waste wood from the building of Copenhagen’s metro. If you look up, you can see the elevated walkway that connects the buildings and provides access to the four shared rooftop terraces. The walkway is also made from upcycled materials – from a demolished factory on Amager Strandvej.

Is it really possible to create a harmony and continuity between newbuilds, history, nature and sustainability? When you walk in the little courtyard of the Resource Rows in the heart of Ørestad, you feel it just may be.



Just a few block farther south, you will find two more exciting interpretations of buildings of the future – Lendager’s Upcycle Studios. And a few blocks in the other direction toward the city center, you can see Copenhagen Towers, which the architects at Lendager have also contributed to.


Copenhagen, Ørestad


Lendager Group