The Ascent



Curving to maximize views of both the river and the surrounding hillsides, the Ascent’s windows reflect images of sky and river.

Af Kirsten Kiser

Sited along the riverfront, the Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge — Libeskind’s first residential high-rise in the United States — echoes the colors of the Suspension Bridge and warm earth tones.

The ascending height of the building — from 14 to 22 stories — resonates with the sweep of the bridge’s structure and links the low horizon of residential structures to the east with the more modern commercial buildings to the west.

The facade is a fragmented geometric pattern of precast concrete and blue-tinted glass that extends up to one elevation — across the slanted, curving roof — and back down the opposite elevation. Balconies on the north and northeast sides look across the river to Cincinnati.

The lobby colors are white and cool blues. The black slate tile floor is decorated with stainless steel Xs that are mirrored in the recessed fluorescent ceiling lights above. The Owners’ Club level, overlooking the lobby, has the same color scheme. Two elevator cores lead to the condominium units, each with a different floor plan.

The Ascent is within easy walking distance to both stadiums and the Freedom Center, along the newly renovated pedestrian walkway on the Roebling Bridge.

History is not over… this building, modern in design, is rooted in the history, traditions and landscape of Greater Cincinnati, and calls to mind the possibilities that lie ahead. The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge is a living, breathing work that stirs the soul and lifts the spirit.
— Daniel Libeskind

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