The charging station in Fredericia: The future is now


Rasmus Hjortshøj

The architectural firm Cobe had a stroke of genius with their ‘green’ charging stations for electric vehicles. The first 48 stations are already in the works.

Af Eva Ørum

The classic service gas station has served as the backdrop for innumerable scenes from historic films, literature and rock and roll. But the popularity of gasoline and diesel has faded, and while life on the road is experiencing a renaissance among the younger generations who have rediscovered road trips, the romantic aspect of it has been tarnished somewhat by climate consciousness. 

Seen in that light, the new charging stations appear almost like science fiction. Here, motorists in electric vehicles can fill up on green energy at a station that is both attractive and sustainable. 

Under the treetops

The pillars are like tree trunks, and if you look closely enough, the joints resemble treetops that filter the light and provide shade. 

The stations have solar cells, of course, and the vegetation was selected in consultation with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, which understands how to best promote biodiversity. 

Scalable design

As of 2021, a few charging stations have been established along the E20 highway in Jutland, but more are on the way that will eventually connect Scandinavia in a single network. This is taken into account in the design, which resembles a set of building blocks. That means each station can grow like trees in a forest, in exactly the shape and size that suits the location. 

The stations were developed in partnership with Powered by E.ON Drive & Clever. It takes 15 minutes to charge an electric vehicle here, which is about as much time busy people are willing to live with. 


If you are already in Jutland on the E20 in Fredericia, a trip to Vejle is in order. There is plenty of beauty in all directions there, but a very unique experience awaits at the end of the harbor, where you will find Olafur Eliasson’s sculptural building made of bricks in all shapes and sizes. 

And while in the Vejle area, why not drive to the center of Billund to visit LEGOHouse, designed by BIG. It provides a holistic experience of the essence of LEGO through architecture, models, workshops and an extensive exhibition on the history of LEGO.