The Silo


Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST

The original structure in raw concrete has been preserved in the renovated building, which today is home to some of the most expensive apartments in Copenhagen.

With the rapid transformation of Copenhagen’s new port district of Nordhavn, it would have been an easy choice to discard the gigantic grain silo at its heart. Instead, architects COBE have shown that one man’s trash is another’s treasure by masterfully renovating the structure into a unique and exclusive 38-unit residential complex.

Complementing the neighbouring Frihavnstårnet, the buildings have together become hallmarks of Nordhavn’s exciting future.

Inspired by the history and heritage of its former working life, The Silo almost completely retains its original and raw concrete structure. From within, its previous storage chambers have been divided and their exterior walls cut open to reveal unbroken views of the Øresund ahead, the Swedish coastline to the east and Copenhagen city and its surrounding areas to the west.

Standing at the base of The Silo, one is struck by the Tetrislike configuration of its enormous protruding balconies. The perforated steel exterior wraps its concrete core in a protective shell, whilst beautifully referencing the area’s industrial past.

On entry, visitors can first view Nordhavn’s planned transformation in the building’s ground floor exhibition space, before heading to the contrastingly modern, glass-clad penthouse restaurant and cocktail bar.


Copenhagen, Nordhavn




Klaus Kastbjerg