Upcycle Studios


Photo: Lendager Group

The units can be configured as single-family residences, two smaller apartments or a combination of residence and studio space. Use of waste materials and recycling are fundamental elements of this sustainable living project.

What does the circular economy look like in physical form? Travel out to Ørestad Syd’s blossoming development and find out at the pioneering Upcycle Studios.

Fuelled by an increasing social consciousness of global resource scarcity and a rising demand for green living solutions, renowned eco warrior studio Lendager Group has designed 22 townhouses pointing to the future of sustainable living.

Upcycle Studios’ interior layout is purposefully left open to interpretation. Across three floors, including a roof terrace and ground floor garage, rooms can be configured as a one-family home, two separate apartments or a mix between housing and creative workspace.

Upcycling refers to the transformation of by-products, waste materials or unwanted elements into valuable new solutions. The architects rely on the ‘urban mining’ of disused, unwanted or abandoned building materials to source construction elements including concrete waste from the Copenhagen Metro excavations, flooring stone and window glass from abandoned homes across Denmark, and exess wood for panels and floors from exclusive wood manufactures.

Not only do such methods reduce the carbon footprint of each studio, they present a unique character and instant history that becomes the focal point of the local area.






Lendager Group