The Danish Model

Denmark is a small country with strong architectural traditions. Our welfare architecture creates meaningful spaces for the wider community and has put design excellence into the hands of ordinary people.

Quality for everyday existence is important to the Danish identity. Our welfare state model, which ensures quality of life and security, is also visible in our democratic approach to architecture. Because in Denmark, we build cities, buildings and homes to benefit everyone.

When architecture is both appealing and functional, it sets the scene for the good life and invites aestheticism into daily life. This is why architecture in Denmark is regarded as an equitable art form supporting the common good. This is the essence of The Danish Model.

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Watch the video on The Danish Model to learn how architecture shapes our way of life.

Developed by

Dansk Arkitektur Center

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Ole Stenum and Lars Rønnow Torp.

Filmbureauet and Thin Green Line Productions.