Photo: Michael Lynge

A cornfield in Copenhagen

Press release

October 29, 2019

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Dreyers Architecture Gallery at the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) in BLOX

When Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery opens November 1th at the Danish Architecture Center, three leading architecture studios will show their take on current architecture. One of them moves a cornfield into the middle of Copenhagen to debate inequality between rural and urban. Another builds a full-size summer house to explore. And a third breaks down architecture to basic elements, concrete and scientific. Admission is free for all the exhibitions at Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery.

Again, this year, three leading architecture studios show their take on new architecture with an exhibition in Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery at the Danish Architecture Center (DAC). The three exhibitions are very different, but they all show the architecture in a current context and are each a sensuous experience for the guests who can see, feel and listen to the architecture.

“DAC is the destination for new Danish architecture, and we want to engage everyone in the fascinating world of architecture and show how architects design our common future. With Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery, together with Dreyer’s Foundation, we provide space for new voices and talents in Danish architecture. The exhibitions highlight the architects’ individual goals and artistic expressions,” says Kent Martinussen, CEO at DAC.

Increased awareness of architecture

While the DAC provides location for Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery, the project is funded by Dreyer’s Foundation, which was established in 1976 to support the advocacy and architectural stand. Since 2017 the Dreyer’s Foundation has, among other things, supported Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery, where all three exhibitions take place. This year for the first time simultaneously and for a longer period.

“Dreyer’s Foundation supports projects that develop and communicate the profession, and the Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery does both. This year, the appeal is broad and the focus is current, which is why we hope that many people find their way to DAC and gain an experience that increases the interest in architecture and raise awareness of how crucial it is for all of us,” says Bo Rygaard, CEO at Dreyer’s Foundation

Three exhibitions in one

In Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery 2019, Studio Elements in collaboration with the artist community Christiansen & Andersen focuses on architecture’s foundation and elements, while Mette Lange Architects gives the sense of how architecture is created. The third exhibitor is Rural Agency who puts spotlights on inequalities in architecture with the goal of giving rural the same status as urban.

Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery runs from Friday, November 1th, 2019 to Sunday, February 16th, 2020 and is shown at the Stair Gallery and DAC Passage in BLOX at Bryghuspladsen in Copenhagen. There is free admission for everyone.


Facts about the Exhibitions

Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery 2019 is open during the period on Friday, November 1, 2019 – Sunday, February 16, 2020 at the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) in BLOX, Bryghusgade 10, 1473 Copenhagen. There is free admission for everyone to this exhibition.

In 2019, Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery will host three exhibitions:

Going Rural by Rural Agentur  

The ‘Going Rural’ exhibition moves the country into the city by installing 200 square meters of wheat land in DAC to spark a debate about notions and the future of rural Denmark, which contributes to the high current global agenda between country and city inequality.

 To induce space by Mette Lange Architects

The exhibition ‘To induce space’ conveys the architectural language of the studio via a 1: 1 wooden construction of a pavilion with long curtains in different structures, where the viewer can interact with the place and get the sense of different spaces and the meaning of light.

Basic Elements by Studio Elements

– in collaboration with Mikkel Christiansen from Christiansen & Andersen

In the exhibition ‘Basic Elements’, models of building materials are complemented by podcasts about light, gravity, the rise of materials and senses as a joint contribution to understanding the foundations of architecture, deeper layers and individual sub-elements.

Collaboration on visibility

Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery is a united project between DAC (Danish Architecture Center) and Dreyer’s Foundation, which is created to show the growth layer in Danish architecture and current trends. Here, three talented and leading studios will be able to show their visions for the architecture of the future in parallel. More about Dreyer’s Architecure Galleri i DAC.