Danish Architecture Center

Digital platform for architecture gets a significant facelift

Danish Architecture Center (DAC) relaunches the once-popular and relatively unknown international digital architecture magazine arcspace.com in a new and optimized version.

“arcspace.com is characterised by its very high quality content, and I admire Kirsten Kiser for her hard work in creating this digital international window to world architecture. At DAC, we regard it as our duty to safeguard the site and develop it for the benefit of current and future readers and contributors.”

– Kent Martinussen, CEO, Danish Architecture Center

arcspace.com has existed since 1999. At the start of 2012 it was handed over to DAC as a gift from the site’s founder, Kirsten Kiser. Since then the site has undergone a process of optimisation, which will improve the experience for the more than 1.3 million architects and architectural enthusiasts, who annually visit this international window to the world architecture and Danish architecture.

Optimisation and rethinking

With assistance from the site’s readers, DAC have developed and optimised arcspace.com. Improvements on the new arcspace.com include: increased user-friendliness, up-to-date design, bigger images, improved search functions, and a new travel section with travel guides and blog contributions with architectural travel recommendations.

Now that the magazine has been relaunched, in 2013 DAC will up their ambitions for the site by appointing a new editor. The next step in the development of the web magazine will be to rethink the editorial content in close association with present and future readers. Until then, the architect and curator Kirsten Kiser, who created the site, will continue to be involved with it as a writer.

A working tool for architects

The principal content on arcspace.com consists of detailed accounts of buildings designed by a wide range of some of the world’s leading architects. Therefore, today architects and architectural enthusiasts all over the world use the site as a working tool. They seek inspiration and keep up to date with developments in world architecture – including Danish architecture.

Facts about arcspace.com

arcspace.com has approx. 2 m visits and more than 1.3 m unique visitors every year. The site has users from all over the world. Most of them are architects. 23% of users are based in the USA, while less than 1% of the visits come from Denmark. The site is mainly based on images and features about architecture and works by a wide range of some of the world’s leading architects – including many Danish architects. The editorial content also comprises book recommendations, exhibition reviews and presentations of sketches by selected architects. Kirsten Kiser, who created the website and handed it over as a gift to DAC, is a Dane living in Los Angeles.