What a Waste. New exhibition shows the road to reducing waste created by industry


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In connection with the 3daysofdesign festival in Copenhagen, Danish Architecture Center is opening an exhibition called ‘What a Waste’ in collaboration with THE UPCYCL. The exhibition focuses on how waste materials from one production line can become new products for other manufacturers. ‘What a Waste’ opens on June 7, 2023.

‘What a Waste’ is an exhibition that focuses on solving one of the world’s most complex problems: waste created by industry and overproduction of virgin raw materials. Each year, several million tons of New Waste material ends up in landfills without ever being used.

Rikke Ullersted, founder of THE UPCYCL, says: “The industrial sector produces enormous amounts waste to satiate our increasing consumption. Waste is piling up at landfills, and it’s a huge loss of valuable resources, as well as a waste of emissions. But there are solutions, and they are being created in collaborations between the companies participating in THE UPCYCL, which include representatives from both heavy industry and development companies.”

The term New Waste covers completely unused, uniform and reliable materials left over from large-scale production.

The exhibition ‘What a Waste’ displays solutions created by companies that use New Waste from industry in their supply chain instead of virgin materials. You can explore different New Waste materials from the Danish industrial sector and be inspired by the question: How can these materials be used by designers, creators, architects and developers in the future?

About the exhibition

The exhibition will run from June 7 to October 29, 2023.
10am – 6pm daily, Thursdays until 9pm
10am – 10pm July 2 to July 9

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The exhibition was developed by The Upcycl in collaboration with Danish Architecture Center

Special thanks to all the collaboration partners who have contributed to the exhibition

Anno Studio – Hans Thyge Design – Kvist Industries – Mumutane – Målbar – Ravendo – Sofacompany – The Royal Danish Academy – Warm Nordic – Wiking Gulve – We Do Wood – Why Nature – VTI – Mathias Falkenstrøm – JEVI

About 3daysofdesign

As part of the 3daysofdesign festival, Danish Architecture Center is shining a spotlight on Danish design at all scales. Under the theme ‘Where will we be without you’, this year’s festival zooms in on how everyone in the design industry need each other; designers, producers, retailers and customers. Through exhibitions, pop-up events and guided tours, you will be able to experience the Danish tradition of combining space and objects in design. In addition to the exhibition ‘What a Waste’, you will also be able to experience the photo exhibition ‘Capture Your City’, as well as the other exhibitions ‘So Danish!’ and ‘Copenhagen in Common’.

About Danish Architecture Center

Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is an international cultural attraction that creates engaging experiences and generates debate about architecture and design. At DAC you can experience exhibitions, tours, events, and shop design products. You can also enjoy the spectacular view of the city from the café’s large rooftop terraces.

The financial basis is a public-private partnership between Realdania and the Danish government. The Danish government is represented by the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens.

About The Upcycl

THE UPCYCL is a B2B platform that makes it possible to reuse New Waste produced by the industrial sector and that creates circular rather than linear waste processes.

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