Copenhagen: World Capital of Architecture

Group Tour


2.200 DKK for up to 10 people.
4.400 DKK for up to 20 people.
(including VAT)

Group rate includes entrance to DAC’s current exhibitions on the day of the tour.


2 hours

The trip takes us past Copenhagen’s only Folk Highschool​, on to Christiansborg and the National Bank, from where we continue around the Inner Harbor.

Danish society is based on a high degree of trust, equality, solidarity, and the opportunity for people to join meaningful communities and access knowledge. It is also reflected in the architecture. On the trip, we learn about the college movement, the welfare society, design icons, Copenhagen’s urban development, the poor eighties, urban spaces, and the latest housing developments. Everything that has made Copenhagen what it is today.

On the trip, we rewind time back to when our great-great-grandparents took the train from country to city to try their luck in the big city, and up to Copenhagen today with street food, climate protection and harbor baths.

Join us on the trail of Danish architecture.

Practical info

  • The tour’s route is just under 5 km.
  • The tour begins and ends at the Danish Architecture Center
  • The trip starts on time, so please arrive min. 10 minutes before the agreed time. Meeting point: DAC Welcome reception.
  • Your guide on the trip is one of DAC’s qualified guides.
  • The tour ticket includes free access to DAC on the day of the tour and 24 hours ahead.
    This means that you have ample opportunity to come back the next day as well and visit DAC’s exhibitions and explore DAC’s many other activities and offers that do not require an additional ticket.
  • Keep an eye on the weather, and bring an umbrella or sun hat. We carry out the tour regardless of the weather.

Along the Tour you’ll see

  • BLOX
  • Borups højskole
  • Christiansborg
  • Nationalbanken
  • Havnegade
  • Inderhavnsbroen
  • Christiansholm / Papirøen
  • Hal C
  • Krøyers Plads
  • Christiansbro
  • Cirkelbroen
  • Lille Langebro