NH Collection set fra vandet
NH Collection set fra vandet

Aware – Architecture
and Senses


March 22 –
September 15, 2024

Architecture can thrill you or awe you, calm you down or foster connection. It can be caring and protective – or stimulate your curiosity, igniting idle senses and unfolding unseen worlds

We bring ourselves into architecture, filling space with atmosphere – but architecture has an agency of its own. Space can suggest you to do things: jump or shout, move fast or slow, be active or rest, make you alert or relaxed, keep to the side, or take center stage.

This reverberating relationship is not only the context in which 3XN GXN works but underscores the enduring effect that the built environment has on us and on our surroundings.

The installations in Aware present some of the fundamental concepts of space: not bricks, concrete or steel, but relations between bodies and space, between spatial atmospheres and human emotions. Aware encourages you to explore and reflect on your experience of space, delving into the behavioural principles behind architecture and their transformative potential.

At home, at work, at school, we are almost always present within architecture. Aware asks you to consider the questions buried beneath the surface: what emotional effect does architecture have on you and your everyday quality of life?


Kristeligt Dagblad

Explore the exhibition

Use your senses

From the moment you step into the exhibition, you’ll be immersed in six large installations designed to awaken your senses. How does the space feel as you move quickly and slowly, close your eyes, or simply pause for a moment? The experience is enhanced by a sound universe created by the trio Mesmer and lighting design by Jesper Kongshaug.

Different spaces create different emotions

Experience how a staircase not only connects different levels but also creates an encounter between you and others visiting the exhibition. Let yourself be embraced by a wooden cocoon that both soothes and protects. Or pause in front of the large kaleidoscopic mirror wall that transforms your reflection and surroundings into prism-like patterns.

3XN buildings – in the real world

Stairs connect more than floors

From the outside, the Olympic House in Switzerland appears almost entirely transparent, and inside, a staircase of Olympic rings winds up towards the roof like a massive piece of art, connecting the floors in the center of the building.

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Kaleidoscope Reflections and Smart Design

In Berlin, 3XN has created Cube Berlin, an office building that echoes its surroundings in prism-shaped patterns, offering passersby a transformed mirrored image of themselves and the life around them. Data on users’ behavior is continuously used to optimize indoor climate and energy consumption.

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Protective Spaces

In Lemvig is an international center for climate research. The design of the Klimatorium is defined by a striking design element – a large three-dimensional arch that adorns the facade and extends into the building, serving as a rest area with benches for the harbor’s visitors. Explore for yourself how it feels to sit in this large installation at the exhibition!

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Who are 3XN/GXN?

​For more than three decades, 3XN has been dedicated to creating humane and innovative buildings based on the belief that architecture creates behaviour. With offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, New York and Sydney, the studio takes Scandinavian traditions of clarity and generosity and translates them to a global audience.

In 2007, 3XN established the independent research and consultancy unit, GXN, which works with strategic sustainability. GXN bridges the gap between behavioural design and circular design with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the construction industry while elevating user well-being.

The symbiosis between 3XN and GXN ensures a deep understanding of how architecture reflects and influences human behaviour and the environment. Knowledge that enables the studio to design innovative and sustainable buildings both locally and internationally.

Developed by

The exhibition is developed by 3XN / GXN in collaboration with Danish Architecture Center

Supported by

The exhibition is supported by the philanthropic association Realdania, Knud Højgaards Fond, Arup, Beckett FondenOle Kirks FondStatens Kunstfond and Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond