November 16, 2023 –
April 1, 2024

In November 2023 the exhibition, Aware, opens in collaboration with 3XN /GXN. Experience architecture in a 1:1 spatial installation that explores and challenges what architecture does

Architecture brings us together. Architecture can shape how we feel. It can make us feel happy, comfortable, and safe – or exactly the opposite. The spaces we move through affect us, and architecture can, at its best, help us to reflect on the world and our place within it. Architecture and the built environment have an impact on physical and mental health, our general wellbeing, and that of our planet.

Through a series of spaces, visitors will experience that the layout of our surroundings can define atmosphere and shape moods – and with just small changes, these things can shift entirely.

The language of architecture is a language of space – non-verbal and linked to more than just sight. We commune with architecture with all our senses and our entire body – and often with many others.

3XN’s exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center makes the case for the agency of architecture. In a playful manner, the exhibition unfolds how we are affected emotionally by the spaces we are in.

Developed by

The exhibition is developed by
Danish Architecture Center and 3XN