Built Denmark

Photo by: Boligøkonomisk Videncenter and DesignI

Exhibition period

May 11 - July 2, 2017

Supported by

The exhibition was a result of collaboration with the Knowledge Center for Housing Economics and was supported by Realdania.

Who buy the most bananas – owners or tenants? And did you know that every day you use 39 litres of water just for taking a shower and using the toilet? The exhibition, “Built Denmark” was based on facts and human stories about our built environment, and the hugely important role those facts and stories play in our everyday lives.

The exhibition painted a picture of the housing situation and the housing stock in Denmark. In brief – what are our lives like? Depictions of the contexts of our lives provided the visitors with an insight into the significance of the environment in our life, not only now, but also in the future.

The aim of the Danish Architecture Center and the Knowledge Center for Housing Economics was for the exhibition, “Built Denmark” to challenge the overall picture of the extent, value and history of “Built Denmark”. The exhibition introduced visitors to eye-opening facts in pictures and words, tackling the current challenges that housing faces. The exhibition was shown at Danish Architecture Center in 2017.