Exhibition period

November 8 , 2019 - May 3, 2020

Exhibition catalogue

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How do we design for a climate-challenged future? On November 8th, The Cabinetmaker’s Autumn Exhibition opens at DAC to unveil innovative and experimental examples of tomorrow’s furniture design.

In DAC’s Golden Gallery, The Cabinetmaker’s Autumn Exhibition displays contemporary Danish furniture design created for a climate-challenged future. More and more people are moving to the world’s cities, resulting in less room and higher prices per square foot. We need to get used to more versatile living spaces with fewer and more durable objects. And we need to reevaluate, recycle and minimize our consumption of materials.

Photo: Hampus Berndtson

Re-think, Re-use, Re-duce

Under the title Re-think, Re-use, Re-duce, you will see 35 examples by Danish designers and manufacturers of the furniture of the future – all of which are revealed to the public for the first time when the exhibition opens. The materials range from compressed sawdust with mushroom glue to hemp, willow, grass wrack and surplus industrial materials. The designs are experimental, flexible and eminently aesthetic. Even the exhibition design itself, a raw scaffolding structure, can be used again and again – mindful of the future and the need to do something now.

Photo: Hampus Berndtson

Photo: Hampus Berndtson

Audio guide

Hear the designers explain their work and the ideas behind them. You can find the audio guide in our free app.

Foto: Kristian Ridder Nielsen

Previous Exhibitions


The exhibition was on display at Thorvaldsens Museum and the theme was MONO. MONO as in one color, one material and one shape.

Photo: Torben Petersen


Side by Side Outside – the social potential of outdoor furniture. The exhibition was shown in Grønnegården at Designmuseum Danmark.

Photo: Torben Petersen


The “Pitch Black – Shadows and Transparency” exhibition focused on contrasts and was on display at the Lapridarium of Kings.

Photo: Alexander Arnild Peitersen

About The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition

The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition (SE) is a platform for development and exposure of contemporary and experimental Danish furniture design. It is a non-commercial association of 86 furniture manufacturers and designers who collaborate once a year to create a new furniture design based on a theme chosen by the SE Board.

In addition to Copenhagen, the exhibition has been featured in Tokyo, London and Stockholm, attracting the attention of both Danish and international manufacturers, which often handpick projects from the exhibition to put into production.

Every year, the furniture is exhibited in a new location in collaboration with a new creative team. The members of the team behind SE 2019 are Jacob Manz, exhibition architect, Casper Sejersen, photographer, and Claus Due, graphic designer.

Furniture Made by Humans

Get the story behind The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition association, and learn how the collaboration between cabinetmakers, architects, designers and manufacturers has paved the way for the democratic design tradition that Denmark is famous for.