Capture your city 2015

Exhibition period

October 7 - November 30, 2015

“Capture Your City” was a celebration of life in the city, showing more than 1000 personal perspectives on the city caught on camera during the summer of 2015.

The lives we live in our cities are shaped by the places, people and experiences we encounter. The places where we go every day, that make us feel at home. The people we meet, who become our neighbors and friends – or just memorable passers-by, reminding us of the various possible ways to live our lives. And the many impressions and experiences the city gives us when it is turned upside-down during thunderstorms, street parties, events and demonstrations.

In a photo competition and 3 instagram-challenges, conducted by Canon, Politiken and DAC, we called on everyone with a camera to show us The Smile, The Secret and The Meeting of their city. The results were on display in this exhibition, becoming a memory of the summer of 2015. And if you participated in the competition, you could go searching for your very own photo in the cascade of personal snapshots that made up the exhibition.