Your City

Soul of the City


June 9 – October 2, 2022
Bryghuspladsen, Copenhagen


The contest

February 24 – April 24, 2022


Capture Your City is a photo contest where you use your camera or mobile phone to interpret your city as it looks right now. This year we are zooming in on what it is that makes your particular city unique – the soul of the city!

This year’s theme is Soul of the City

What makes one city different from the next? What’s special about your city? And where does its soul reside? Is it in the buildings? In the atmosphere? In the old or in the new? It can be hard to put a finger on, but it’s the soul that sets your city apart. This year’s theme encourages you to go out and find what you think makes your city special and what connects you to it – for better or for worse. It could be the street where you grew up, the place you learned to skate, where you got your first kiss, or the building you bike past every day.

In Capture Your City 2022, it’s up to you to find the soul of the city!

The best photos will be on display on Brughuspladsen square outside Danish Architecture Center, as well as at the Danish political rally Folkemødet, on Bornholm, Dokk1 in Aarhus, Sønderborg’s main library and Faaborg/Ringe library.

In the evaluation, special emphasis will be placed on whether your photo:

  • Clearly captures this year’s theme
  • Shows interaction between the physical surroundings and people
  • Has an interesting composition

Last year’s winners

1st place
Oliver Sperling
2nd place
Anders Hjerming
3rd place
Erik Jacoby Petersen

What can you win?

There are some great prizes at stake for the photo contest winners – but even if you don’t win, you still have a chance to see your photo featured among the 55 photos exhibited in Copenhagen, at Folkemødet on Bornholm and at the libraries in Sønderborg, Aarhus and Faaborg/Ringe.

1st prize

  • A ride for two in a hot-air balloon with DreamBalloon over either Funen, Zealand or Jutland, including coffee, snacks and a champagne christening after the flight
  • DAC Club Card +1 and brunch for 4 people at Danish Architecture Center
  • Your winning photo printed on a 70×100 cm acrylic block

2nd and 3rd prizes

  • Club Card +1 to Danish Architecture Center
  • Gift certificate for DKK 500 to Danish Architecture Center’s magnificent Design Shop
  • Your winning photo printed on a 70×100 cm acrylic block

We will contact the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners directly at the beginning of May 2022.
All winners will be announced publicly, and the prizes will be awarded at the opening of the exhibition on June 9, 2022.

The Jury

Helena Christensen


Helena Christensen has worked both in front of and behind the camera for many years. In her work as a photographer, she has done photo shoots for both fashion magazines and commercial jobs, as well as directed music videos.  She is also ambassador for a number of organizations, including the UN Refugee Agency.



Maren Uthaug


Maren Uthaug is a critically acclaimed author of the novels Where There Are Birds and A Happy Ending, among others. In addition to her work as an author, Maren Uthaug is an illustrator for Politiken with the comic strip Ting jeg gjorde. Maren Uthaug has received many awards, most recently the Danish reader’s choice award, Læsernes Bogpris 2020.

Maja Dyrehauge

CEO of Copenhagen Photo Festival

As CEO of Copenhagen Photo Festival, Maja shines a spotlight on international art and documentary photography. To Maja, photography is important because it has become an everyday language that everyone responds to and uses.

Tanya Lindkvist

Program Director, Danish Architecture Center

Tanya is responsible for exhibitions and activities at Danish Architecture Center and has sat on the jury for Capture Your City for a number of years.

Anders Hjerming

Former winner

Anders won the 2nd Prize in the Capture Your City contest in 2021 with a photo depicting the frozen lakes in Copenhagen. The jury described the photo as a strong snapshot of the Corona reality where the authorities tried to establish order but people still moved freely. This year Anders will be at the other side of the table as part of the jury!



How to Participate

  • Upload your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #DACfangdinby2022.
  • Or send your photo along with your contact information to and write “Capture Your City 2022 – Main Contest” in the subject line
  • Please note, we also have a contest for schools.

We encourage everyone – no matter who you are and where you live – to enter the contest. We look forward to seeing your interpretation of the theme “Soul of the City.”

Contest Terms and Conditions

When you upload a photo to the Danish Architecture Center’s photo contest “Capture Your City – Soul of the City” you also agree to the following terms, conditions, and rights. Danish Architecture Center will hereinafter be referred to as DAC.

  • CONTEST TYPES: DAC hosts two parallel contests within the Capture Your City project.
    The contest for schools is aimed at schoolchildren from grade 4 and up. The prize for this contest is awarded to the winner’s class. In order to participate in the school contest, the teacher submits photos on behalf of the schoolchildren to, with “Fang din by 2022 – Skolekonkurrence” or “Capture Your City 2022 – School contest” in the subject line and accompanied by contact information. The school in question is liable for ensuring that the individual participants hold the copyright to their submitted photo.
    b. The ordinary contest is open to all participants over the age of 18, and the prize is awarded to the individual participant. Individuals participate by tagging their photo on Instagram with #DACFangdinby2022 or by submitting a photo to, with “Fang din by 2022 – Hovedkonkurrence” or “Capture Your City 2022 – Photo contest” in the subject line. The remaining terms and conditions for participation are the same for both contests, cf. below.
  • IMAGE RESOLUTION Regardless of whether you participate via e-mail or Instagram, DAC must have access to a high-resolution photo file (file size 2MB-10MB). The submitted photo must be in JPG format, which is standard for most digital and phone cameras.
  • LOCATION OF MOTIF: We encourage anyone interested in photography, from all over Denmark, to participate – however, it is a requirement that the photo is taken in Denmark in order to reflect the urban landscape and the development of Danish cities.However photos from the Danish Commonwealth (Greenland and Faroe Islands) will also be accepted.
  • RESTRICTIONS REGARDING MOTIF: It is not permitted to upload photos of people who have not given their consent for the photo to be made public. This also applies to photos of people in private, awkward or embarrassing situations, regardless of whether the subjects in the photograph are in a public space. You are personally responsible for obtaining consent for publication from all individuals featured in your photo, and any claims brought against DAC will be transferred to you, or in connection with the school contest, to the school in question.
  • NUMBER OF PHOTOS: You are welcome to submit or tag multiple photos in the ordinary contest. However, each participant may only win one prize for one photo submitted to the contest. For the school contest, each participant may only submit one photo.
  • RIGHT OF USE: When you submit a photo to DAC, you simultaneously give your consent for the photo to be used by DAC for promotion of the photo contest and for promotion of and use in the subsequent exhibition and in future editions of Capture Your City, including in promotional material for schools, which DAC develops for free use by schools. DAC’s promotional activities include but are not limited to: newsletters, publication on the Internet and social media, descriptions of DAC’s projects, and inclusion in publications, including through third party press coverage. If DAC wishes to use your photo in other commercial contexts, we will contact you to obtain your prior consent. You retain at all times the copyrights to your photos, and you will always be credited whenever your photos are used.
  • COPYRIGHT: It is not permitted to upload/tag photos that you have not taken yourself. You must be able to confirm that you hold the copyrights to the photos you submit, and that you have the unrestricted right to use the photos, and thereby also the right to publish the photos. You must also guarantee that all photos are free of third party rights, and that all identifiable individuals in the photographs have given their consent for the photos to be used in accordance with DAC’s guidelines. Any claims brought against DAC will be transferred to you, or in connection with the school contest, to the school in question.
  • WITHDRAWAL FROM THE CONTEST: You may withdraw from participation in the contest at any time during the contest period. Participation on Instagram is withdrawn by removing the hashtag #fangdinby2022 participation in the school contest is withdrawn by sending an email to After the conclusion of the contest period, the right to use your photo falls to DAC, cf. the above section.
  • REJECTION: We reserve the right to reject any photos that are perceived to be inappropriate or offensive in nature. Photos carrying a watermark or containing text, such as a date, will be rejected out of consideration for the exhibition. DAC may at any time delete submitted photos that are not in compliance with the above terms and conditions.
  • PROCESSING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: Your name and personal information will only be used in connection with the contest and exhibition. Your name may be used in connection with crediting photos. The winners are contacted directly and announced to the public via DAC’s channels.

After the conclusion of the contest, we will contact you by email with an invitation to sign up for more information on next year’s contest if you are interested. If you do not wish to be contacted by us in future, your personal information will be deleted at the conclusion of the exhibition period in fall 2022.
Your personal information will not be used to promote other DAC activities or in commercial contexts. All personal information provided to DAC will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party. Read our general guidelines in our Privacy Policy.

This is a continually evolving document and subject to amendment without prior notice.
By submitting your photo, you simultaneously agree to the terms and conditions stated in this agreement. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, please do not submit your photo. If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions and how they apply to you, please contact the project team at

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The photo contest is supported by Realdania and developed in collaboration with Copenhagen Photo Festival.