by Heart

Photo: Hanne Fuglbjerg

City Gallery

Permanent exhibition

DAC’s exhibition tells a love story about Copenhagen, filled with romance and broken hearts. We call the exhibition Copenhagen by Heart.

Copenhagen has become a success story. The city is thriving, ever-growing and regularly celebrated for its many qualities. The city is home to a wide variety of Danish architecture, ranging from historic buildings to modern, sustainable structures. But Copenhagen also has its fiascoes, failures and areas that Copenhageners have yet to embrace. That’s why the exhibition Copenhagen by Heart asks: What is your favorite spot in the city? And are there places you don’t like?

There are activities for young and old in the exhibition. Children can jump in a LEGO-pool and build their favorite building or explore our map of Copenhagen, while adults listen to stories about living in the city.

As we let Copenhageners share how they feel we also take a critical look at our own home, BLOX, highlighting what we love as well as what breaks our hearts.