Living Better

Photo: Melissa Ørnstrup


November 20, 2021 –
April 18, 2022


How can we live more sustainably, without losing quality of life? Can architecture help us to live better? 

For more than 50 years, architecture firm Vandkunsten has shown us how we can live better and more sustainably together – and its values are more relevant than ever. ​The exhibition that has been developed in collaboration with Vandkunsten and Utzon Center in Aalborg can be experienced in Danish Architecture Center.


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Explore the exhibition

Discover a micro home

In the exhibition you can experience an entire house of 37 square meters. Furnished exactly as Vandkunsten believes we should live and ready for occupancy with room for a family of four people. The exhibition is built as a village with a greenhouse, common house and playground. It is a small community and a city that lives. So come and get an insight into the future with Vandkunsten.

Beauty in the imperfect

The exhibition Living Better Lives is not about the past. Its focal point is our future. For your home can help save the planet. Houses do not have to be perfect, because there is a lot of beauty to be found in what is used. In scratches, cracks and grease stains. The housing of the future must also be smaller, because large houses are bad for the climate and a waste of resources.

Self-building residents

Community self-builds are another approach to building. Here, the future residents take responsibility for the development of their communities; the homes are adapted to the individual but with focus on community. One example is Fællesbyg Køge Kyst – one of Vandkunsten’s newest projects – which you can explore at the exhibition. 

Better affordable housing

Vandkunsten created BBB Kvistgård with a focus on robust materials and pre-fabricated elements, offering a housing option with a significantly lower rent without compromising on architectural quality.

Communal eating and flexibilty

With its modular design, Tinggården in Herfølge, situated south of Copenhagen, became the first project realized by Vandkunsten in 1978. Flexible walls make it possible to add rooms as the need for a larger home arises.

Developed by

The exhibition is developed in cooperation with Vandkunsten, Danish Architecture Center and Utzon Center with contributions from Bo Bedre.


The exhibition is funded by Realdania.