Pavilions in the World Capital of Architecture


On UIA’s website, you can get a full overview of the pavilions.

In select locations around the city, you can experience experimental pavilions, each of which relates to one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Danish Architecture Center is neighbor to several of the pavilions, making it easy to combine a visit.

In addition to being a sculptural feature that creates opportunities to stay in the city throughout the summer, the pavilions contribute their focus area to the debate on a sustainable future, which among other things involves food production, sanitary conditions, and the use of sustainable building materials.

SGD Pavilions


At Bryghuspladsen – right in front of the main entrance to Danish Architecture Center, you can experience the pavilion ‘Feed-Back’. A beautiful windblown parasol with a round table and stools, inviting curious visitors to explore how food systems affect our cities. It also shows techniques for food circularity, which can be used in urban environments and help combat loss of biodiversity, inequality, and climate change. ‘Feed-Back’ is designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.


On the harbor side of BLOX, there is a wooden pier, where you can see a round and aesthetic pavilion with a strong message. Bio-Center is an interpretation of a development project, namely a bio-center in Uganda. The bio-center is a type of building that has sanitation (toilets) as a core service, and it provides a range of important services to densely populated slum areas – and creates a social meeting place. ‘Bio-Center’ is designed by Architects Without Borders.

The Raft

Just south of the wooden pier at BLOX – between Langebro and Lille Langebro – a red pavilion ‘The Raft’ is floating in the water. The pavilion is a sensory structure, offering visitors a direct and playful experience with the water. Inspired by sea creatures and working with geometries and techniques from ships, the structure is designed to capture the water’s movements in the colorful roof. ‘The Raft’ is created by Studio Coquille, Tan & Blixenkrone.

From 4 to 1 Planet

At Søren Kierkegaards Plads between BLOX and The Black Diamond lies a fourth and more extensive construction – consisting of three pavilions: The association ‘From 4 to 1 Planet’ has identified three winning proposals with the competition ‘Next Generation Architecture’, which in pavilion form showcase housing construction with resource consumption that shows respect for the planet. ‘From 4 to 1 Planet’ is designed by ReVærk, Tegnestuen LOKAL, Leth & Gori, Rønnow Architects and BOGL.

The Urban Tree

July 20th – October 31st, 2023

On Bryghuspladsen, you can currently find the Urban Tree, a versatile piece of urban furniture that serves as a water reservoir, supports biodiversity, and provides a solution for greening urban spaces.

Njord drivhuskuppel

August 10th – December 10th, 2023

Located on Bryghuspladsen, starting from August, you can experience the Njord Greenhouse Dome. At first glance, it is evident that the Njord Greenhouse Dome draws inspiration from nature. It is an architectural greenhouse featuring hexagonal windows that resemble a beehive and a piece of golden honey.

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How well do you know Copenhagen? The hidden gems and the quirky details? With our free app you can explore the city on your own.

Explore the city

How well do you know Copenhagen? The hidden gems and the quirky details? With our free app you can explore the city on your own.